5 Steps to a Wonderful Monday Morning at Work


If Sundays are lazy then Mondays are extremely slothful. We all face it but still find it tough to tackle it. Yes its the invincible “Monday blues” effect. After a fun-filled weekend, it seems utterly hard to get up early morning and prep yourself for work, no matter how ambitious you are. Here are simple, lively to-do things that you can start incorporating in your lives from today itself. Why only Monday, make your entire week positive and energetic. The hacks are here:

Sleep Early a Night Before

Try to hit the sack anywhere between 9 pm to 10 pm so that you accomplish at least 8 hours of sleep. After an exciting weekend, it is very important for your mind and body to relax to its fullest so that a high degree of productivity is ensured the very next day. You must be thinking that this one is hard to get through but believe it or not, getting onto bed early on Sunday nights can be done just like that! It is understandable that you must have party harder on Saturdays and Fridays so it makes sense to shut the lights off at a good time. Omitting unavoidable circumstances here, sleeping early on Sunday nights can help keep tiredness at bay.

Wake Up With a Goal

We all have a purpose in life and we strive to achieve that by working really hard every week. Yes, we are talking about earning your livelihood. While you try to sink into a deep sleep on a Sunday night, think about the positive goals you have, such as starting your own work, earning for your family or your goal to be at a top shot position in your office. Now hold on, you are not being pushed to be extremely ambitious but to not forget your goals in life. This will make your Monday mornings a little easier to tackle. You will get up with a positive energy and loads of enthusiasm. Yes, even if you have to face a bad boss at work. Just stick to your goals.

Plan Your Work

Are there leftovers in your mailbox? Is there a lot of work planned for Monday? If yes, then there is no need to panic at all. The best antidote is to stay calm, grab a cup of coffee first and then open up your mailbox. Chalk out a plan in your office notebook or simply in an excel sheet along with the names of people to be involved. Talk to your manager or a supervisor about the priority and then plan out the work in that sequence. As soon as you get through a task just mark a ‘tick’ against the column. This will help you track your progress and also boost up your energy to a next level. Planning really helps!

Catch Up With Colleagues

This is another excellent hack that can help you fight Monday blues effectively. Everyone has a bunch of friends in office with whom they go out for lunch or take breaks with. You can take small breaks with them and just plainly discuss your weekends, crack jokes or have a little fun. Laughter can pump in a lot of energy and once you experience it, you will pick it up like a drug. You don’t have to kill your time at work and take breaks only but be a little interactive on Mondays to keep the wheel moving. Best things could be to reach out to the coffee machine right after you unpack and start off your computer system. A power-packed punch!

Be Positive

Nothing can sabotage a problem like a killing positive attitude. In order to be active on a sluggish Monday morning, just try to be as happy and positive at work as possible. For instance, you are pissed with a mail or a response from colleague on Friday or on a Saturday and you really don’t want to mess up with that individual. However, the key is to be calm and settle down for an outcome on the issue as early as possible. Don’t let your bad mood spoil your day as there is no point sticking to an individual and the feelings he/she generates in you. No matter how tough a situation at office is; if you are strong, nothing can ruin your aura. You will be surprised to see the outcome of your positive attitude.

Follow these hacks to stay ahead of the competition. Don’t let that Monday turn you into a grumpy soul, for no reason. Amen!


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