3 Earthy Reasons Why You Are Under Tremendous Work Pressure

work pressure

You sweat and your nose starts to twitch as soon as you see your boss’s mail or your work folder. Are you suffering from a disorder? Colloquially yes. The corporate world humbly calls it work pressure, which is not a disease anymore but a pandemic that has caught hold of many professionals like you nowadays. You usually see clients on head and the time allotted is very less to fit everything right in. Why you find yourself under work pressure all the times? There must be some reasons behind it and surely a solution to manage work without anxiety. Here are 3 reasons behind that stress at workplace; see if you can relate to any one of them:

Your Inability to Say ‘NO’

NO is one word that has broken many hearts but has surprisingly solved many problems as well. In office, it is important for you to say NO at times so that people do not take you for granted and thereby load you up with work. It is absolutely fine to take initiatives and accept challenging projects but at the same time you don’t have to be flattery in your approach. You must learn the art of saying NO so that situations of meeting unnatural deadlines and over-expectations can be kept at bay. Be polite but then you have to be positively assertive while accepting work as there is no point pushing yourself hard and going freaky. Know your limits!

Your Time Management Skills

You usually find yourself doing multi-tasking and then end up completing nothing for good. By the end of the day, you are left muddle-headed and a day gone wasted. It’s time to rev up time management skills for an awesome office experience. Remember the good old college days when finishing voluminous syllabus used to be an easy task? Start incorporating the same rules at your workplace as well. Jot down the tasks, analyze them one by one, involve people to get the task done and finally allot time to each one of them. It would be best for you to break down every giant task into smaller chunks and taking each one of them individually and efficiently. This way the stakeholders are clearly informed and confusions can also be avoided.

Your Deadlines are Scary

“I will do it in 3 Days”. (After 3 days), “I guess I need 2 more days because blah blah…” You relate to this? Yes! You know why? Reason is that you allocate illogical time frames to your task. Deadlines given to each of the project should look acceptable and not like a monster waiting to gulp you down its throat. In an attempt to be flattery or impress your bosses, you may easily fall prey to this common problem at workplace. It is advisable that you always keep a day or two as buffer so that last minute updates can be housed effectively. Take your time and communicate a clear picture to all the stakeholders as to why a particular time period is required for a task. You need to analyze and prepare yourself with data so that your reasoning is acknowledged by one and all.


Work pressure is harmful not just for your office space but for your personal arena too. You are a human being and not a milk boiler. So do not let that stress get over you!


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