4 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid Making in Official Parties


Office parties are fun as they give you a chance of connecting with your superiors and peers personally. These parties, usually organized within large teams, happen in lounges, discos or even in quiet restaurants. As per the chosen option, you get a chance to dance, booze or dine together. However, it is important that in your most vivacious mode, you should at least not compromise on certain basic things. Here are 4 mistakes that look common but committing them would be silly:

Loud Dress-Up

Well, this is something that every individual should take note of; irrespective of sex and choice of color or fabric. Attires that are way too embellished or tacky are never appreciated; whether you go for a party with co-workers or at a friend’s place. Your dress up defines you wherever you go; thus, make sure that you are wearing trendy yet subtly fashionable clothes to the bash. No, you are not being asked to wear formals but something that is chic yet catchy. For instance, a little black dress with a plunging neck and tawdry mirrors stitched to it and a one piece dress with a sensuous V-neck and side slits are being offered to you; call is yours and you know it better what to choose.

Being Boisterous

It is perfectly alright to be excited in official parties but you should understand that an extreme degree of it can make you look awkwardly ridiculous. Now, this doesn’t imply that you choose a corner and stand out there quietly with a beer can in your hand. People often booze out of their capacity and turn into loud toads that is nothing but a big turn-off at parties. You must enjoy, eat and drink but make sure that you do all in a limit so that your mannerisms are not overpowered by rowdiness. After all, it’s an official party where choosing to be yourself has its own boundaries and you cannot expect your co-workers to take your boisterous behavior lightly like your friends do.

Getting (Over) Close to Females

This goes out for all the males reading out the point here; please refrain from being a wild tiger in official parties. It is understandable that you might go haywire after a drink or two but you must not turn out to be a total pervert and lose all your control. There are instances where guys are caught misbehaving with females in parties that can result into loss of job or personal image. If you think that being in high spirits overpowers you then it is advisable that you sit quietly for some time. If you regain yourself back then nothing like it else avoid hitting the dance floor or talking for a while. Don’t lose your dignity!

Showing Your ‘Eating Disorders’

This might put you in stitches and in a thought that, “oh well, I don’t have an eating disorder, anyway”. By the disorder, we mean to show up your horse-like eating habit anywhere; even in official parties. The key is to eat like you have a secret and not embarrassing others and yourself later by gulping down food like you have been famished for years. Devour but act like a royal mascot; eat slowly and properly. Remember that co-workers and superiors are different people here under a casual circumstance so you have to know the difference between being casual and being unruly.

Official parties help you connect with your colleagues but you should not forget that these people are linked to you professionally first. You represent a lot of people so do not forget to be your best in such bashes.


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