4 Easy Hairstyles Women Can Do At Home & Pull-Off in Any Occasion

Party at 8 and it’s already 6 pm; so less time and so much to do. After all, a woman takes her time to look her best and you are no exception. Voyaging through your wardrobe, you finally got one dress and jewelry to go with it and yeah! a red loud sensuous lipstick to doll up your face. Hold on, you have everything in hand but the hardest nut is yet to be cracked. Yes, the hairstyle. Similar to other woman on this planet, you too face difficulty in choosing a certain hairstyle that matches with the dress and make-up. Your hair frames your face and therefore, it is important for you to make sure that the hairstyle is perfect.

With very little time in hand, it is impossible for you to visit a salon and get your hair all managed and pulled up aptly. Moreover, it doesn’t make sense to invest bucks for a one-night occasion. Then what next? Just for you, here are 5 hairstyles that are easy to do at home and will suit every look, makeup and occasion.

Neat High Ponytail

It doesn’t matter if your hair is curly or straight, a high ponytail won’t fail you ever. A high ponytail is easy to make; all you need is a comb, an elastic band and few bobby pins. You can raise it to a desired level and finally tie it up with the band. If you find your hair a little frizzy, straighten it up or use a hair spray accordingly. The best part about a ponytail is that it makes you appear younger, looks good on all face shapes, attire (yes even with ethnic look) and ultra chic in messy style as well.


Sexy Side Braid

Hands down! This easy hairstyle can lift your look instantly and you will be a pretty mermaid in no time. Even if it’s your second hair day, a side braid will suit your attire just like that; be it a nice short dress or a saree or a pair of Jeans, side braid is hot, anytime. Just pull your hair at one side and start braiding till a desired length and at the end fasten it up with a band. If you have a flick or bangs, pull it out; Ah! The chic arrives now.


Beautiful Bun

A bun beautifully frames your face like no other hairstyle and gives you a main royal look. However, if you are chubby or have a round face then a little contouring can do wonders in this case. All you need to do is to settle down frizzy locks with a spray and slowly comb your hair up to a certain height and lastly tighten it up with a band. You can even pull out a flick or two, if possible. A bun is easy, looks graceful with any attire and is apt for any occasion.

On Tour Premiere - 63rd Cannes Film Festival

Simple Cute Curls

This will take some time so pre-heat your curler or if you don’t have one then braid your hair a night before and loosen it up the next day; your hair will get some waves in it. Right after you get the desired curls in your hair, just comb the straight strands and leave it like that; no tightening or fastening with bands. Further, you can half tie it, braid it or wear a hair band. The curled hair looks extremely trendy and chic and above all it is that easy. You can even dare to go for a messy look here as well.


These hairstyles are easy, chic and even celebrities love them. No matter what you are wearing, these hairstyles will suit every look and makeup. Stay smart! Look stunning!


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