How to Tackle an Official Meeting When You Are Statistically Unprepared


Nowadays, team meet-ups have become more about discussing statistical data, punched quarterly or yearly, rather than bare words. It has become extremely important for you to know the data and take care of the required decimals, zeros and currencies very well. However, there are times when an unplanned meeting blocks a date on your calendar and you have just few hours in hand to get set for it. Tough scenario isn’t it? You don’t have the figures on paper and people would not listen to your statements that technically have no base, whatsoever. But, hold on, there is an escape plan for you. Here are tips that can save you from heavy queries and won’t fail you in such intense meetings:

Pose ‘Head-Up’ & Smile

It is well said that a first impression lasts longer and thus, you should not miss on this very pointer, at any cost. You know in your heart that you don’t have technical data but why reflect it in your posture and facial expression. Quivering like a puppy will only put you in more problems; therefore, your posture should ooze out a high degree of confidence and self-esteem.  Sit straight with a smile on your face as this would send a positive signal to one and all. Moreover, the self generated confidence in you would ultimately overcome some part of your fear as well. A smile on the face and a straight spine can solve a lot of concerns and kill the anxiety in you to some extent. Don’t let the tigers out there know your weakness at the moment and pounce upon you.

Understand the Agenda Carefully

The situation says that you don’t have the required statistical information in your kitty at the moment but least you can do here is to understand the agenda of the meeting. Getting a clear picture about the meeting ahead will also help you to put relevant points only, if not data. With this, you too can be of some value during the discussion. You can state ideas, point out a strategy that strikes you on the spot or even quote a competitor doing something big in the same league. With this, you would be able to gain a lot of information and share the bare that you have in hand. Therefore, get clarity and fight the tide efficiently.

Listening is the Key

When you are a part of a meeting where you don’t have much to say when it comes to data then you are left with nothing but listen to what the prepared members are enunciating. Keep a close watch on their presentations and growth charts so that you get hold of the actual seeds. From here, start putting your ideas out on the table and relate them immediately to the numbers being discussed. The key is to not cancel out what other are putting up on the board but to connect the dots in a subtle way. “Hey, those are great numbers, speaking in the same vein, can we do away with an idea?”, “Wow, amazing data, let’s do one thing to double it up” are some of the statements you can start your part with. Play damn smart!

List Out the Known Facts

You see a sudden meeting and now you have no statistical data in hand but things can be alright. Some of the best ideas could be to quickly talk to a colleague about facts involved for few concrete pointers in hand, search what your competitors are doing and list it down as your analysis or you can even jot down the ideas that you have always wanted to discuss. Some may come up as irrelevant but there might be few that can luckily hit the spot. Moreover, it is also an opportune time to speak up about an add-on that can enhance the project or a department. This way, you can still make a mark even though you don’t possess the required data. So, the  Art of repartee is important!

Sometimes, it is important to be confident and have words to play with in meetings. Statistics are important but if you lack them then these hacks can definitely be the last resort for you. Stay smart!


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