3 Things Even Good Employees Do at Work That Bothers Their Boss


You reach on time, do your work, meet goals and stay friendly with your peers. Despite of giving out your best, there is a set of things that you might be doing unknowingly, which is potentially scarring your relations with the boss. Yes, there are things that even diligent employees like you do at work that is bothering your manager, for no reason. These may or may not fall in the routine category of chores like discussions, projects and follow-ups that you do at work but are effortlessly hampering all of these and above all bothering your superiors. Here are the things that should stop doing from today itself:

Following a Group

Bosses love team players and not someone who unwittingly follows a group and ultimately becomes a part of it. This usually happens within a large team where you will easily notice smaller groups of like minded people who come close, interact and then stay together. These groups may comprise positive people who like each other and talk business or people who see making a group as a way to vent their emotions and badmouth the management for every second situation they face. You have to make a right choice so that you come up as a positive individual and not a parasite in any way. Your boss is experienced and knows how his people operate so be extremely smart when choosing friends in your team. Be with everyone but sit with few or best could be to mingle with everyone but not blindly follow a herd.  Bosses hate groups and people who foster the concept.

Sipping Too Much of Coffee

Don’t take this literally. A diligent employee too has a limit and he needs breaks too but how much is the only question. Break-out areas help you unwind a little and let your spine get some rest. However, leaving your seat for too many breaks is never seen as a good thing; after all no boss would feel nice to come and see your seat vacant after every half an hour. Your too many breaks could be a result of extreme tiredness but remember you cannot control the other mind. Your boss is happy with your knowledge but if you are taking an hour long lunch and frequent coffee breaks then your efforts will be considered as waste. Moreover, a high number of breaks will reflect your casual behavior at some time and no big sacrifice in the world would be able to save you. Diligence at work dies a very cruel death if you sway away too much. Bring coffee on table, sip it slowly and try taking fewer breaks.


You have your mailbox, project website opened in two different tabs but if you have Facebook and Twitter opened all the times and you are visiting it frequently then there is definitely a problem. Imagine your boss sees you commenting on an image or sharing a tweet instead of following-up with a client; wouldn’t that be disturbing for him? It will definitely be. Social media is another way of taking a small break from the arduous assignment you have in hand but sadly it can be one of the potential distracters too. So, it will distract your mind at some point of time. You should set a time for all the fun as well; sign in into your Facebook or Twitter after lunch or at 4 pm or 5 pm. If you are done with your work and you still have half day in hand, then go for meetings, sit with a senior, read something useful but make sure you don’t kill your time and a good impression by checking out your Facebook. Playing smart save souls!

Your boss can be bad or extremely righteous. Whatever the situation is and no matter how efficient you are, if you are committing such silly mistakes then a bad boss’s reaction is assured. Be good, do well and include the right dose of fun.


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