4 Ways to Tackle “Why My Boss Hates Me” Feeling

boss hates me

Do you notice that in a group your boss listens to all but attempts to ignore you? Is this the nth time he has overlooked your great job and didn’t acknowledge you? If the answer is yes, then be assured, there is something wrong between you two. The relationship has gone terribly sour due to some reasons and there is just one question in your mind right now, “Why my boss hates me?”

Either you quit the job or stand up courageously to the situation. Here are few tips that can help you in dealing the situation better and probably attempt to bring about a change in the current scenario, for good:

Discuss With Peers

Before approaching your boss, it would be best if you talk to your team members first. You might get to know something important that you weren’t aware of before. The colleagues who are in the company for a long time now can help you in dealing with the “boss fuss” effectively. They have spent more days with him than you so they exactly know what he likes or dislikes about an employee or a team overall. It would be great if you can connect with such co-workers and discuss the concern in a very positive way stating that you are facing issues in this regard. Remember, discussion should not look like as if you are badmouthing someone. Let other empathize with you and you would ultimately feel a lot better.

Go Back in Time

Sit back with a cup of coffee and go back in time. When was the last time you saw your boss yelling at someone? Do you remember your boss telling you in a one-o-one about the things he dislikes about a girl who sits next to you? It could be her too many leaves or even inability to meet deadlines. If you can connect the dots here then check if you too have committed any of these mistakes before. If yes, then it’s time to take corrective measures and not repeat them in your boss’s reign from now on. Moreover, put all your efforts towards doing things that can cover up your past slippages. Gradually, he will notice the change and together both of would you turn over a new leaf. Remember, wounds take time to heal, so all the efforts are worth it.

Throw in Some Ideas

If things look difficult and out of your hands then staying professional in your approach helps in a great way. Bosses love new ideas and you should take advantage of this situation without fail. Put all your brain and energy into the assignment you have in your hand and come up with project enhancing ideas. If your boss is pissed with you over something then try to pacify things from a different tangent by showing up good ideas, new strategies and a good conduct. If things are sour then definitely it can be made a little sweet by putting in such efforts but then you have to be patient here. Just make sure that you are good at your end and let your deeds pacify the terrible feeling.

The Last Resort

Now that you have tried your hands on all the options, it is just one last resort you can look up to and that is to talk it out with your boss directly. It doesn’t matter if seems to be a brick wall, you need to break the tough zone and get through this. Start the discussion on a light note and tell your boss something major and positive instance happened lately in your personal life. Gradually move on to the topic and discuss your concerns with your boss by stating that you feel directionless at times and miss the connection with him. This could be a way to put across your ideas and share the pain points at the same time.

Boss-employee relationship is a love-hate equation and you need to be really careful with how you deal with the other person. Stay smart yet and put your thoughts on the table with courage. No more of “why my boss hates me? “.


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