Why Meeting These 5 Doctors Important For Every Woman in Her 30s

female doctors

A women in her 30s notices a number of changes occurring in her body, which was not a usual sight a couple of years ago. Apart from gaining wisdom and a lot of sensibility, a female’s body sees a lot of change in the way she looks, breathes, moves, see and what not. Medically speaking, a woman’s body is a lot different from a male’s body. The hormonal changes, the conditions of her bones, her skin and her other body parts; all these aspects demand a lot of attention after a certain period of time. Awareness at the right time can pacify a lot of small bodily issues that can lead to greater concerns in 40s and even 50s.

Life changes at 30s but there are some changes that are not for good unless you take that one extra cautious step. Therefore, you should start giving this a thought and add these 5 types of doctors to the list of important people in your life:


The way you looked in your teenage and the glow you noticed at 25 would slowly start to diminish after a certain time. Basically, your skin starts to age by the time you reach your 30s and chances of visible age signs like wrinkles, crow’s feet or brown age spots gets higher. Sometimes an uptick in the sebum (skin’s natural oils) production can result into adult acne, which is nothing but a condition usually out of control. At the crossroads of life, a dermatologist can be your ‘hero’ as these doctors know exactly what your skin needs now. Suggestions, a good skin care and special treatments for a stipulated time period can actually reduce the chances of a dull looking skin and early horrific age signs.


It becomes hell of an important thing to meet a good gynecologist in your 30s and up. There are certain tests, such as pelvic exams, breast check for any suspicious lumps or discharge, uterus test for stones or lumps that you should definitely undergo now. Moreover, the growing case of cervical cancer around the world is another important reason why you need a gynecologist at this very moment. The pelvic area and the uterus are two of the most important sections of a female’s anatomy and therefore, it becomes mandatory that you keep them in good condition. Get them tested periodically to avert chances of any cancerous lump or discharge and connect with your doctor immediately if you feel discomfort of any sort in this regard.


Visiting a Gastroenterologist in your vicinity can save you from the deadly colorectal cancer, digestive issues and related concerns. Working women are at a higher risk of getting affected by these bodily concerns owing to their sedentary lifestyle and careless eating habits. These physicians will make you understand the importance of including some physical movement in your routine and can also medically test you for any probable polyp (a lump in the rectum that can turn into a cancerous junk in no time) residing in your body. Colon cancer is gradually strengthening its foothold and therefore, it is the call of the hour that you should be seeing a Gastroenterologist, now.


An Obstetrician specializes in a particular sphere of gynecology and focuses on neonatal care and childbirth. In 30s, you might also be planning to have kids like many other women do and this is when you should realize the importance of this particular physician in your life. An Obstetrician performs a set of tests to detect any problems you can face while you conceive, any lump in the genital area or tumors. Apart from this, the physician can also help you in certain aspects like c-sections, hysterectomies and many more intrinsic reproductive surgical activities.


With Arthritis and Osteoporosis affective more than 70% of female population around the world, it’s time to rope in a good Orthopedic now. As you grow older and cross your sweet 20s, the bone starts to lose its natural strength and become fragile with time. Women who are a little careless in their diets in a young age, avoid dairy or eat junk are more vulnerable to bone related issues in the later life. Visiting an Orthopedic at regular intervals will help you eat and follow a regime so that you are all set for a painless 50s. Turning 30 is not an easy path to walk and that too when you have not yet started searching the internet for an Orthopedic in your vicinity.

Being 30 can be as beautiful and fun-filled as your 20s were but with the right regime, food and lifestyle in kitty. You have to give your body the much required attention that it craves for so that a healthy life is assured forever.


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