3 Reasons Why Getting Fired From Job Can be a Good Thing For You


As an employee, you must be facing a lot of issues concerning a project, boss or your team members. Sometimes, these situations worsen to an extent where you find quitting the job as a preferred decision. However, there are instances when the company too finds it difficult to manage the scenario and the last resort left is a plain termination. A lay-off and a resignation yield the same result, which is to relieve you from the job but former can be a more soothing experience. Sounds idiotic, isn’t it? Your mind is bumming around thinking how being fired can be good and more apt than quitting. Well, here are 3 underrated reasons that can make you feel good about the whole situation at the moment:

The Compensation

Nothing can be as disgusting as your expulsion from the company. But, think about it in a professional way. The decision to fire you was in the hands of your organization and therefore, you are eligible for some benefits, there and then. On the other hand, if you resign, the benefits reach you after a set time, as per the company policy. Termination can fetch monthly salary in addition to other components like blocked bonus or pay for left-over leaves in your bank account immediately. Here, the company cannot put across its terms as the decision was not mutual in any way.  You still stay on a gainful side where you have bucks to plan your life ahead.  Though, this may vary company to company.

The Reduced Pressure

No matter how disgraceful a termination may sound but it take off the pressure of your chest as well. Resignation requires you to follow a protocol under which you serve a time period and work as per the terms given. You always feel the pressure to crack another job opportunity as soon as possible. Now, consider an unfortunate scenario wherein you have been fired and you are no longer allowed to be on your job further. Surprisingly, this can give you a lot of time to find a good job in the desired domain. Additionally, if you were pissed with the workplace then you do not have to be a part of it anymore. You would be composed enough to prepare yourself for the next interview.

Remember, if it was a mass lay-off then things would be easy else, prepare like a pro for other reasons at hand. How? Check this:

The Calmer Mind

Sometimes, it becomes difficult for us to see through the negative aspects about life and find a positive ray of hope. Smart are the ones who succeed at doing this. Getting fired from a job feels like hell but see through it, you will find yourself with a calmer state of mind. Now, you have the time to go for a home business or even a job that you have been craving for all this while. Sometimes, people pick up their broken pieces and go for an option that gives them an ultimate state of mind. You can choose freelance work or a teaching job now. You may feel apprehensive because you can see the practicalities of life, such as loans and mortgages. However, the damage is being done and it’s the time to turn over a new leaf. Chalk down an effective usage plan of your savings at the first place. Pick up a job that satiates your necessities but keep your focus on the things you want from life.

It is time to be courageous, so stay positive, stay smart!


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