4 Important Steps to Take Right After You Are Retained in the Company


Resignation is a big decision for it affects your life and liabilities in a hell great way. There can be a number of reasons, such as lack of motivation, bad boss, deaf management or a good career gig that might have persuaded to go for a plain quit from the job role. Companies are very particular about attrition rates and therefore your one decision affects them too. They make use of their retention strategies and offer benefits, such as an early salary hike, change in job location or even a complete project shift. Revoking your resignation is absolutely alright but not utilizing this opportunity is definitely foolish. Do not let your post retention tenure at work stand out as a total waste. You must utilize the chance and make the most of it. Here are 4 smart moves you should make right after you are retained by your company:

Discussion with Bosses

This should be your first and most important move post retention. A resignation is usually followed by a brief exit discussion wherein an employee states his problems and concerns. These concerns could be related to a particular client, team or project. Now that you have been retained in your job role, it’s time to go back to the same problems and discuss them again to fetch a solution for each one of them. Have a healthy discussion with you boss and straighten up your issues so that now you don’t have to face them at all.

Emulsify Terms (if any) With a Problematic Co-worker

Professional relationships are extremely volatile and differences are likely to crop up between you and your fellow team member over any big or small issue. Sometimes, these issues grow intense enough to affect you mentally and later become a reason for an early quit. However, you can now mend those relations by talking it out and not let these trivial issues come in your way. Meet that colleague over a cup of coffee and bring forth the concerns, ask for a solution and finally try putting an end to all the negativity.

Discussion with Human Resources & Department Heads

Apart from the direct manager, an employee discusses his resignation and its supportive reasons with the HR and department head as well. Anything related to workplace ethics, salary or shift in project is elaborately conferred in such meetings. Re-visit those issues and set up a meeting through a mail first, to discuss them again. Draft an agenda and then go for the meeting so that you exactly know what to put across the table. It can be anything; the desired hike in salary, shift in job location, change in manager or harassment at workplace. Please prepare the data.

Start Adding Skills to Your CV

You have just got another chance to prove your worth in the company, thus, you should try making the best use of this time. If you are dissatisfied with your current profile or if you not skilled enough to secure a good career gig in future, then start focusing on these areas. Take up new courses, sign up for certifications and collaborate within team to learn new things. Moreover, you can also discuss your plan with the direct boss and thereby grab on a potential project around. You have to utilize the time to its fullest and make sure that post retention, your expertise is applied at the best places.

Perform well at work, show results and strive for success in execution. Stay smart & all the best!


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