How to Fix 5 of the Most Frustrating Health Issues


You all have a long list of health issues and their degree of severity. Some of the major bodily concerns bothering you could be Prostate concerns, dandruff, hair loss or type-1 diabetes, to name a few. You fix appointments with the best physician in your vicinity and make sure that you address them on the set date. But, what about those tiny health issues that bug you every day or after a set time slot in one or the other way? You got it right; call them the “little annoyances of life. Well, you can mend these problems and that too under minimal doctor’s assistance. Actually, some of these very common health troubles can be nipped in the bud with easy and timely tweaks.

Here are some of the issues along with surefire tips to combat them:

Menstrual Cramps

Gave you a pain in the belly already? Menstrual cramp is one of the most common but arduous bodily concerns that women face. You may feel excruciating pain in the back, lower body, legs and lower abdomen. Some women experience the cramp during first 2 days and then there are few unfortunate who feel the anguish the entire period. The “time of the month” is extremely worrisome but you can fix this right at home through some easy tweaks done to your daily regime. The first thing you can do is to pop an anti-spasm pill to attain temporary relief from pain. This can be followed by sipping warm water throughout the day and tucking in hot water bag every 2 hours. Just lie down, relax and listen to some music to pacify bad moods and don’t forget to laugh out loud. However, if matter worsens, rush to a doctor.

Blisters/Shoe Bites

Step into your new Melissa’s and you feel like a queen who is ready to take on this big world but within few hours, you hatefully find yourself weeping like a wounded deer. New shoes can cause blisters and extremely annoying show bites that take time to heal and may even go bad if not attended on time.  If you are in office or dining out, just take off your shoes under the table for some time and relax your feet. When at home, you must disinfect it first and dab on some medicated powder but make sure you don’t cover the wound completely as a little air is needed to dry up the injury. No matter how your foot feels, it has to look happy and be ready for the next day, so doctors recommend putting a square gauge over the sore and covering it with a wide strip of duct tape. This way you can be back on the road effortlessly.

Foot Odour

Nobody appreciates a stinking foot and on the other hand you feel helpless because you don’t know how to fix it. Every time you take off your shoes, you find yourself surrounded by faces topped with hateful expressions and moments doused in embarrassment. However, there are things that you can take note of. Try not to wear your shoes without socks unless it’s an unfortunate scenario where you have nothing to pull on. The fact is that sweat has no odor but when it mixes up with bacteria, be assured to have a stinking body part. New York College of Podiatric Medicine recommends you to wash your feet everyday with an anti-bacterial soap and dry it up properly. If the problem persists, try soaking your feet in hot water mixed with some tea or natural rose water every day for 20-30 minutes.


Nothing can be as frustrating as sleeping next to a noisy water motor. Snoring doesn’t mean that you were in deep sleep but it surely indicates an underlying health issue that you are not aware of. The rumbling can be a result of the dreaded sleep apnea that is curable but under strict doctor’s surveillance. Ask your bed partner if you actually stop breathing in your sleep and this way you can keep a close watch on what’s going on within your body. Further, if you aren’t diagnosed with this particular sleep issue then you can try some of the homely fixes, such as not consuming alcohol before bed time, eating a light dinner and avoid sleeping on your stomach. Last but far from the least, doctors say that an overweight person tends to snore more and is more likely to hit by sleep apnea; therefore, try maintaining an ideal weight.


Do you miss your baby sleep? Do you think you aren’t getting any sleep and find yourself walking around the house saying, “Why me?!!” Well, hold on buddy, you have been hit by the monster named, ‘insomnia’. According to a study by National Sleep Foundation, women are at a higher risk of getting affected by this issue than men, which is a sad truth. However, with little lifestyle changes, you can definitely put an end to this misery. Avoid using tablets or smart phones on bed as the blue light emitted from the screen weakens melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone. If you are not  feeling sleepy then get up and try solving a crossword or read a book. Idea is to do something positive and not going freaky over your problems, whatsoever. You can also give dairy a fair chance; have a glass of warm milk before bed time to punch in that extra shot of melatonin in body.

Body needs proper care and with that you assure a good life forever! Stay smart!



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