Will You Choose to be a Fearless ‘Law-Breaking’ Manager at Work ?


Every manager should set a fine example for the rest by doing his best and taking a stand for his people. These qualities not only stand such managers class apart but also put them ahead of the petty race at work. If you are a manager who falls in the category then you can clearly understand that it’s mainly the people’s interest that matters the most. If your team is happy and content then you don’t have to worry about the work as happy minds achieve greater things and bring up excellent results. However, the story doesn’t end here; there would be instances wherein you would be required to take tough decisions; your own benefits vs the people. What would you do? Are you courageous enough to break laws for your team? Can you overlook your own benefits in such scenarios? Majority would come up with a NO but let’s see what you can earn in life by saying yes:

You Earn Backs & Respect

It is not easy to bypass protocols and take care of your people and their interests all the time. You can end up ruining your own career. Being in corporate requires you to follow a hierarchy and stick to a chain of command for a hassle-free team functioning. However, you should be capable enough to take charge of situations occasionally and place things in line with your team’s happiness. You may face blocks in your way but try taking decisions and implement them right away. As a manager, you already have the required authorities to put your strategy into force and there is nothing wrong in tackling things on your own, occasionally. However, make sure that while enforcing such rules, you do not disrespect the company policy in any way. You would earn respect and a chance to strengthen the team-manager relationship.

You Add to Your Profile

Troubles are assured if you choose to walk a tough way, however, if you can snap out of it then nothing like it. Taking tough decisions for the sake of your team can be challenging and not to forget can sometimes put you under a bad light. However, it all depends upon how you perceive it. Despite sharp criticism, taking independent decisions at work can strengthen your position as a manager and fetch you a lot of appreciation from the higher management. With this, you are not only handling people properly but also adding a lot of cream to your profile. Companies love people who can bravely take decisions and know how to line-up things. Make sure that you are maintaining the chain of command. Try not to stray away from this path, no matter how difficult it looks and results would be amazing. Remember, don’t be domineering but positively assertive while putting your words across the table.

You Finally End the “Bad Boss” Story

A bad boss lays a negative impact on a team and can weaken the overall performance as well. However, you can put an end to the misery by walking your own way without being autocratic and thereby demonstrating excellence in your managerial capabilities. Independent decision-making, fighting for the right at times and supporting your team can coax other operating managers to turn over a new leaf. Remember, people love managers who guide and not rule, therefore, set an example for others. To be fair and honest, a bad boss is actually not a terrible person- he is a good man in a wrong role; therefore, by achieving your own space as a manager, you can motivate them as well to come out of their false shells and lead their team efficiently. It’s all about influencing people.

You Help Companies Conquer High Attrition Rates

It is rightly said, “People don’t change companies, they change managers”. An employee should be able to adjust in his work environment in order to work and grow. Therefore, a boss should create a positive setting for his employees, avoid micro-management and stop frustrating his people. As a law-breaking independent manager, you can influence people around you and pump in a lot of positive energy within the team. A happy employee would stick to the company for years to come and working under a good manager can help him achieve a high degree of job satisfaction. It is statistically assured that good managers enable a low attrition rate and ultimately adding to the company’s brand image. So, remember, you are never too small to make a difference.

Choosing to change the scenario can put you on an arduous boulevard but remember, knowing how to make use of your authority without any external influence can take you places. Be with your people and the world will be at your feet. Stay smart!


One thought on “Will You Choose to be a Fearless ‘Law-Breaking’ Manager at Work ?

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