4 Hard Truths About Corporate Life That You Cannot Run Away From….

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You work hard, get appraised and move ahead in life and career. However, there are certain things that are bound to happen in everyone’s career no matter how much toil they put in. It would be foolish to call it destiny because it’s more about time and opportunities. Corporate life is unpredictable as you never know what you get and what you lose in there but there are things that happen with everyone and you are no exception. Well, these aspects are not that scary as they might sound to you but it would be best if your conscience is aware of it. When these issues strike, don’t be surprised or get upset about the consequences. All that is required is a positive attitude to accept life as it comes. Here are 4 things that are inevitable and would happen in your career at some point of time.

There is Always a Replacement

You have the skills to bring up great results and make the allotted assignments a success. After a certain period of time, you become a champ in your department and some of the toughest nuts crack under your force only. In simple terms, you get a hands-on the projects and the department work. However, it is just the almighty’s power that is invincible and not yours so you should be all ready for difficult situations in your career. You are good for your company but are you good enough? No matter how excellent you are, there will always be a competition or a replacement or an employee that can gulp you down his throat anytime. There could be an employee who may come in your reign and perform better, thus, attracting all the appreciation. You should be ready for such scenario and game for a strong competitor. This happens everywhere and with everyone, so the key is to keep upgrading your skills so that you manage to stay ahead of the race.

You Will Definitely Meet a Bad Boss

You started off with a saint doesn’t mean that you will get saints all your life. That’s why; life is all about ups and downs. There could be a possibility that when you started your career, you had a nice boss who was caring and very motherly. However, there is no guarantee that you would get the same type of people in your entire professional journey. No matter where you work, what you do and where your workstation is, the inevitable fact is that you will work under a bad boss, once in your career. This badass soul could be a micro-manager, nose-poker, insulting or just plain bad; the probability that once you would definitely find yourself working under any one of the species mentioned.  Don’t panic as they are just humans and you need to develop a certain attitude towards them. If you are new in corporate and you are already dealing with a bad boss then the beat tip would be to stay calm and learn things. On the contrary, if you haven’t met one, then be ready, you are about to meet your luck soon. Remember to remain utter professional and you are good to go. You can hate the boss but you cannot ignore him. So certain but damn too sad.

Darn! These Office Romances

Not necessarily true but a huge chunk of the lot is likely to fall prey to the cupid’s strategy here. Office romances do happen and it needs a great deal of understanding to balance one in the office arena. According to a survey by careerbuilder.com, 1 out of 5 employees do fall in love with a colleague and also cite it as a reason to leave their job. Relationships go sour or people start giving remarks on your relationships instead of your hard work and these are some of the realities that compel people to quit. You may find yourself at ease with your newly found love interest; however, this could result into serious damages if relationships are not handled correctly. The human race is already trying to unfold the work-life balance mystery and imagine the results if you have to manage both the lives under one roof. It is distracting, might leave a bad impression and is also likely to put you in a category of casually driven employees.

Additional Tip: If you are dating a manager, make sure that you don’t take undue advantage of this relationship during appraisals. Escape from explicit comments or remarks that insult you and your professional image in any way. If you are involved with a co-worker, then stay professional at work and keep other stuff for the life breathing outside. Don’t mix-up things.

Read Survey here: http://www.careerbuilder.com/share/aboutus/pressreleasesdetail.aspx?ed=12/31/2016&id=pr932&sd=2/11/2016

A Damn Bad Appraisal

A bad appraisal is inevitable, no matter how successful you are at your workplace or how popular you are in your group. According to your office culture, appraisals can be seen as nothing more than a boring but an essential formality. Deal with it or just shove off! That’s a truth. A bad appraisal is bound to happen irrespective of your hard work, best results and nice behavior. This will always be a jinx on the radar and its bad memories would stay with you for a longer duration. You are a hero at work but remember there are bosses, actually in a good quantity, who catch up onto a small mistake and highlight them during an appraisal meet. This is not a bad thing as the promotions are all about what you did and what you couldn’t. It is certain that once in your career, you would definitely stumble upon a damn bad appraisal that would rob your inner peace for long and make you think that corporate success is a myth. The best antidote is to stay calm and learn from the mistakes. However, you must understand that there is a difference between targets not achieved and targets made for Martians or in simple terms, unrealistic targets.

Just like death, these 4 elements are inevitable too. Therefore, be cheerful and smart enough to get prepared for the bullets to strike through. If you are going through any one of these, then be patient, this too shall pass!


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