5 Ways You Can Change Your Unhealthy Eating Habits & Control Cravings

eating habits

You are what you eat! Look at yourself in the mirror, what do you see? Your reflection out there clearly indicates your eating habits; please exclude the luckier ones here who can gulp down soda and a full-size burger but there tummy doesn’t come out. If you see a protruding belly, a face full of zits or hair that is falling at a steep rate, then open up your eyes now. Just check what you are eating. Is it good enough? If you practically know that you are eating the most bizarre things in the world and cannot come out of the ring anyway, then it’s high time you start taking responsibilities. It is tough to break-free at one go but with constant efforts, you can easily come out of that damaging phenomenon and start consuming better food options. Here are 5 simple ways you can slowly clean your food habits:

Bring on Some Vitamin C on the Table

Your body needs a lot of vitamin C to help maintain a healthy body, skin and a power-packed collagen production system. Doctors say that vitamin C also fights cancer causing pollutants. You can get vitamin C in seasonal fruits and few green leafy vegetables like Broccoli. However, it’s tough to incorporate these items in your pre-formed diet as eating fruits isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. You can start off by eating one serving with lunch or dinner and one fruit like Banana with breakfast daily. Start slowly and you would be happy to see your body adapting to the changes. Further, you can have fruit shakes like banana or strawberry to kick start the regime but make sure you get back to the whole fruit after some time as juices and shakes lack the fiber. Including fruit servings in your meal can help you in eradicating the bizarre eating habits in a great way.

Introduce H2O, a lot of it

All that you have been doing until now is drinking water whenever you feel thirsty, right? It’s time to chuck off this habit and start drinking an additional glass of water, irrespective whether your body has signaled you a natural thirst call or not. Get up in the morning and have a glass of warm water and after a gap of 30 minutes, brew some coffee or make some tea. You have to make sure that you are at least drinking 6-7 glasses of water in the entire day; it’s not that difficult, carry a water sipper to office and sip water several times a day. In addition to this, have a glass of warm water before you hit the sack so that your tummy is cleansed overnight. Water will gradually detoxify your body and eliminate the toxins off your body. It’s all about peeing and eliminating! LOL

Cut on Carbs & Too Much of Fat

Ah! That creamy pasta and mashed potatoes! You just can’t take your eyes off of the table but hold on guys, you have to control your eating urges right now. Carbohydrates are filling yet unhealthy if taken in wrong quantities, thus, you should try considering stuff that are amazing, filling and healthy as well. The best alternative to your regular carbs could be whole wheat stuff like brown bread, brown rice or organic eggs. The taste would be bland but then you can cook brown rice with some onion and tomatoes to give it a good taste. Try incorporating these stuffs in your diet and same goes with the fats. Stop eating trans-fats found in chips, burgers and biscuits. You can choose cheddar cheese over butter, baked chips over deep-fried ones and water or fresh juice over soda. Seems difficult? Try it and you will bless yourself!

Do Some Paper Work

With all these guidelines mentioned above, you seem to be ready to revamp your diet right? But, there are chances that you might cheat upon it and reach out to unhealthy stuff to satiate your uncontrollable food cravings. It’s hard to tame your mind that understands junk food, soda and chips only. Incorporating healthy options requires a lot of will power so it is advisable that you maintain a diary and write down about the meals you ate against each day along with the time. Monitor yourself through maintaining a record and continue challenging yourself by setting new criteria and yardsticks. Try achieving half the target and mark ‘SUCCESS’ against the day. Apart from this, keep Sunday as a cheat day and relish cakes, biscuits and whatever you want. Control your mind but don’t deprive it of tastier options.

Involve a Friend or Folks

It’s tough when you do it all alone but extremely fun-filled when you have someone by your side. Talk to a friend or a folk in family and involve him/her in your regime make-over. Have your breakfasts together and motivate each other to eat healthy and stay healthy. Your best friend can also help in overcoming your cravings and negative thoughts. You two can sit and make a chart or maintain a diary together and allot each day of the week with at least one healthy food item included. A twosome act here can make a lot of difference and ensure that the habit is maintained for a longer duration. Your body takes a minimum of 21 days to adjust to a sudden lifestyle change and once you overcome this tough tenure then life would become beautiful.


There is no shortcut to success and same is the case with eliminating bad from the eating routine. Will power can achieve anything in this world and with the same attitude you can definitely improve your life by making little tweaks in the meals. Stay smart. Stay healthy.


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