Stop Being an Average Performer at Work

average performer

Are you failing to be a part of that cream 1%. That very 1% of the team that comprises hard working yet acknowledged employees who manage to get the front seat all the times; whether it’s about garnering appreciation or gaining good reviews during the appraisals. You sulk in self-pity and your heart growls inside pushing you to come out of your “marginal show syndrome” and do something with your career. You are like *facepalm* and confused about what is holding you back and making you an average performer in your team or at workplace.

Don’t lie and see if you are doing any one of these:

  • Casual approach towards office timings
  • Behavioral issues
  • Deadline slippages
  • Ego blasts happening more often

Or, do you relate to any of these unfortunate scenarios:

  • Over timing at work
  • Forced work pressure
  • Too much of grudges held within the team. By the way, grudges can be due to your casual behavior or marginal performance at work

Well, all the instances mentioned above is either slowly shifting you in the herd of average performers or you are committing any of these which is why you are considered average. Whatever is the reason, you have to break-free from this image and start off afresh. You live once then why surviving as a regular individual anyway!

Here are 4 best ways you can stop being an average professional at work:

Change Your Attitude Right Now!

First and foremost, you have to stop thinking like an average professional. Your thoughts frame your persona and command your behavior, therefore, it is important that you should project a positive image and shed a non-trashy mindset. You have to understand that you are not the center of attraction for the employer or your boss and therefore, you should focus on your project and deliver results. You have to stop criticizing your work or punching holes in the allotted assignments because it will be your performance and results that would be collectively counted in the end. Your boss has his own deliverable and he would expect you to start taking the ownership of your own work so that a smooth process is maintained. If you really want to stand out then you should refrain from worsening things for others and help them achieving the best. Remember, an excellent employee never judges his work, has a positive mental state and bring up great results out of the smallest of project.

Stop Complaining About Lack of Training or Sessions

Your job is fulfilling your liabilities but the question is whether it is serving your career needs as well or not. Career needs include necessary on-job training, better project understanding, meet-ups with management, collaboration and so on. There can be instances when your boss pats your back and coaxes you to go for such opportunities but in some cases bosses don’t care or unknowingly don’t focus on such things. What would you do now? Complain and gossip like a blood-sucking parasite? Will you sit and wait for your manager to come and ask you or would you be waiting for Santa to come and gift you a chance? *Hilarity ensued* Stop behaving like an average, tired soul and start taking initiatives. Go and discuss with your management about different opportunities you can be a part of. Initiate training and ask the concerned people to organize sessions. Be a pro like your fellow cream colleague who walks his own way and construct his doors to opportunities. Stop being marginal!

Don’t Run Away From Work, Work & Some More Work!

You have been doing everything that falls in your job responsibility properly but still stuck with the ‘average’ nomenclature. What is the issue then? The scenario in today’s corporate arena has changed and people who multi-task are appreciated and acknowledged. Now, this doesn’t mean that you take unnecessary workload and end up delivering nothing. Multi-tasking means taking up jobs other than your usual stuff and contributing in it for the project’s success as a whole. Try getting involved in projects similar to yours and help your co-workers by fostering knowledge transition and group discussions. Own work and do everything that is required to make it a success but make sure that you are not burdening yourself. You don’t have to get into something that is overwhelmingly intricate. You must know that above average professionals in an office manage time and set realistic deadlines. Moreover, they don’t back off when it comes to own extra responsibility and thereby help people grow. Enough of your own work; it’s time to show your guts.

Stop Fantasizing & Start Materializing

It might be a possibility that the current career gig is not offering you the required pull-ups to enhance yourself and grow on a broader platform. No matter what you do, you just cannot stay away from being an average. So, how are you going to stop the petty thing and start being a ‘hero’ in your career? The resort is to start turning your dreams into reality. Write down things that would enable the face-lift and let you rise and shine. Could be:

  • Talking to your boss for an onsite opportunity
  • Moving to a different team or a project or may be
  • Changing the current job for a better one

It’s your career and you have to think about how you can be excellent and rise above the bars. Look for a change and grab a career gig that gives you a better platform altogether. Sometimes, our companies or bosses don’t do much for us to grow. Sadness personified.


Career defines you and it’s your call whether you want to rise & shine or just stay average and doing usual chores. Remember, boring people are annoying and people who are open to changes grow faster. Do what it takes to be on the top. Stop being average and follow tips to stay smart!


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