4 Common Yet Shocking Lifestyle Mistakes That Speeds Up the Ageing Process

lifestyle mistakes

One should age gracefully and not hurriedly. If you are 20 something then a dewy skin, flowing hair and a high form of energy should be visible. Same goes for people who are in 30s. If you look 10 years older than your age then it’s time to pull up your socks and take things seriously. You cannot always blame your genes or your natural facial features because such excuses are not going to serve you in the long run. Little things that we do every day play a huge part in defining the way we look or appear to the outer world.

You might be an overweight person owing to your extra sensitive gene but you cannot curse it all your life.  Yes, things are curable and every solution has a definite fix in this world. Here are 4 simple lifestyle mistakes that you might be doing unknowingly that are ultimately speeding up your ageing process:

A Reckless Approach Towards Skin Care

You might have heard this a thousand times. Well, this is just one side of the story. Not having a dedicated regime according to your skin type can make you look old and wrinkled. A careless approach towards your skin and dwelling like a cavemen are all reasons behind your dull face. People with dry skin are more susceptible to premature ageing due to lack of moisture and improper washing. Same goes for oily as well as combination skin type. Buy good products and use them according to the instructions mentioned. Make sure that you aren’t overdoing it; for instance, over washing your face or excess of moisture can damage your skin and give you a face full of zits. In addition to this, you should use less of makeup and make sure that you clean your skin before you hit the sack.

Too Much of Workouts & Exercising

Yes you have heard it right. Exercising is good but over doing it can do more harm than good. When you workout excessively then you tend to lose more weight than what is required, shed a lot of face flesh or gain too much of muscles. However, you don’t see the underlying disadvantages that you are inviting unknowingly. Losing too much of weight can lead to a sagging skin, dullness and a tired appearance, overall. Moreover, gaining too much of muscle or doing a lot of weightlifting results into body aches, lethargy and depreciated your energy levels.  You diet a lot for a good body but sadly cause an inverse damage to your body. There are instances when people have reported thinning of hair, reduced breast size and a badly shaped butt as some of the results of over exercising. Stay healthy but do everything in moderation.

Overly Stressed Brain & Body

Considering liabilities seriously is a sign of a responsible man but taking unnecessary stress and too much of tensions is sheer stupidity. *no offence*. Stress is a silent killer that eats up your body and damages your skin making it look dull and old. When you brood a lot or take too much of tensions then your mind is blocked from positive things around. You feel low and this very thing puts a lot of strain on your overall well-being. The damage takes a bad face when you see premature wrinkles, crow feet and swollen eyes. Moreover, stress causes loss of sleep, which can wreak havoc on your body and skin. If you are sleeping properly then it will be visible in your sparkling eyes and a healthy body. So, start chilling out right now, sleep well, fight less and learn to take life as it comes.

Eating Good at the Wrong Time

It doesn’t matter if you are eating healthy or snacking onto something criminally sumptuous; eating at the wrong time will not bear the right results.  Be it fruits, juices or even popcorn; eating things at a given time makes a lot of difference. Your body has a disciplined digestive system and if you are feeding it at the wrong time then it is real bad. Gas, improper bowel movement and annoying burps are some of the results. You would be surprised to know that even eating fruits at the wrong time can cause serious damages to your tummy. For instance, if you eat a fruit in an empty stomach in the morning then there will be a better nutrient absorption. On the other hand, if you consume a fruit post meal then this might not turn out to be good and can notably spoil the food absorption process. This is true for pizzas and burgers as well. A good digestion system promotes good health.


These lifestyle mistakes are common and you might commit them unknowingly but make sure that you stop doing them right now. Starting a thing is important and you can still get hold of your body and maintain an aptly paced ageing process.


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