3 Simple Ways to Slowly Adjust in a New Team at Work

adjust in new team

Your office life is not just about work and deadlines but it also involves a lot of interactions and maintaining a social life. Every day you might be seeing new people in meetings, lunch or even small coffee breaks and this is how you build relations and add people to your life. Same goes for the team you work with. Since the day you joined your office till now, you worked with your team and achieved all the goods and the bad together. You feel comfortable with these people and thereby bring up great results out of every assignment allotted. Now imagine, because of some reason, your boss changed your team and you know that from next week onward you would be working with new people in an entirely new environment.

Well, this is real tough as you would be required to build the relations from the scratch and adjust within new surroundings. You feel the same fear and the same amount of apprehension. Now what? Would you be talking to your manager to cancel out the change? Or would you stand boldly and ready to face the music? Be brave and follow the road map to be disclosed below:

Take it As a New Chance to Learn & Grow

There is nothing wrong in being a little fearful of the new situations waiting to become a part of your office life. However, you have to come out of the shell by putting forth your brave self and taking things in a professional way. This could be your first step towards breaking free and tackling new people at work. This team will always have something new to share with you so it would be best if you learn to work and grow with them. It may take a month or two to build the new relations but have faith; the investment would be worth it. No need to get over-friendly at the forefront but rather stay professional and focus on the work. Prove your worth through results and people would definitely mix around with you. Moreover, you will also get to understand the personalities and therefore, find it easier to work and collaborate.

Build Relations With the New Boss

This is another surefire way to mingle with new colleagues at work. Now that you have a new project in hand, it is time to get along with your new boss. You can do this by following some of the easiest yet professional ways, such as weekly meetings, a brief induction with him and taking coffee breaks together. The idea is to stay professional in your approach so that you project a good image in front of the new people. Your new boss very well knows your expertise and therefore, would connect you with the right people in his team. Well, this would help you seep through the new environment at work easily. A boss helps in bringing his people together for a smooth workflow. Therefore, be smart enough to take advantage of the fact.

Have Some Fun & Party!

Well, you have to understand that in order to build better relations at work; it is required that you catch up with new people outside office as well. This can be achieved through simplistic ways, such as going out for lunch together, meeting at a beer café or even visiting each other over weekends. Mingling with strangers at work is not easy and this requires a lot of interactions, understanding and an interest towards each other’s liking and disliking. Apart from this, when in office, try to project a positive image and smile no matter how acidic the situation is. Remember, the world connects with those who dare to maintain a composed mind even during a strenuous scenario. Be the hero of the team and leave no opportunity to lighten up the environment by cracking little jokes, enunciating a hilarious episode or just laugh it out. Learn to enjoy and the new team will join hands with you.

It is tough but it’s not impossible. New team brings in new challenges but remember it brings opportunities to grow as well. Stay smart!


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