These 6 Instances of Life Are the Real Tests of Your Tolerance Power

Life will teach you some of the best lessons and turn your life into an experience worth sharing. Can you pass these 6 tests and add to your tolerance power?

  • Qualifying the ups and downs of Generation Gap. If you really want to test your tolerance power then try living with your parents and listen to what they have to say about everything you are doing with your life and time. Can you do that?

generation gap1


  • Keeping peace with your mother in-law. This is one mystery will be under the wraps till eternity. The relationship on earth has not found a way out yet. But ladies, if you are surviving this one relation then you can manage almost anything in life.



  • Not growling at a slow internet connection. Spare us the horror! Slow internet is a curse on mankind, especially on the one that survives on the need of incredibly faster data streaming. If you putting up with this situation then you are definitely working upon your tolerance power.



  • The Bad listeners on the planet. Tackling a person who is not very much into listening to others is damn tough. Can you breathe in, put your words on shelf and give them the entire chance to blurt out their mind? Then, my friend you are building a lot of patience within you.



  • Keeping up with Late Comers. People who are always late are sometimes pain in the butt. Can you wait for that one person without getting annoyed? Are you big-hearted enough to ignore their awful habit? Bring on some more!



  • Annoying Telemarketing Calls. This might give you a chance to laugh out loud but when it happens, your blood boils to getting evaporated. Unnecessary service calls, recorded telephonic calls from banks and network providers can annoy you like hell. This can be a good test to take on guys!



All the best!


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