4 Most Disgusting Workplace Habits You Need to Shun Right Now

workplace habits

Your office is a place where you spend at least 8-9 hours, meet people, work and earn your livelihood. However, you cannot deny the fact that it is equally important to maintain a professional behavior in here as well. It can be really difficult at the first place. However, it is important for you to start taking care of how you behave at work and what you speak to your colleagues and boss. Anything you do or say could either make you or break you. There are certain habits you should surrender right now to maintain a good image at work. This is also important for all the people who are at the starting of their career and reading this:

Loud or Improper Dress Up

Revisit your joining kit and go through your appointment letter once again. You would see dress code as one of the highlighted clauses and yes for all the good reasons on this earth; you must follow it at any cost. The dress you wear for work might make you happy but it can cause potential damage to your professional image. Tacky designs, eye-pricking colors and loose fittings are some of problematic things. It’s absolutely true that when you dress down, you feel low and ultimately your productivity suffers. You are free wear anything that makes you happy, but make sure that is humble enough and is not killing your persona at work. Try wearing smart formals, natty one piece or may be ethnic that are of good colors. There are a number of options out there but the only slump that you must escape is to not dress casually.

Please read the study here that proves that casual dressing can annoy clients and make them lose confidence in you. Now that’s scary!

A Casual Approach Towards Office Timings

If you are always arrive late at work or take longer lunch breaks then this would definitely project a careless and complacent attitude, on a hell serious note. You need to show a little TLC for your job by arriving early by few minutes and devoting an extra half hour. Don’t make this a habit as you need some time for your loved ones too but once in a week or may be twice, there is no harm in doing that. Or, you have another easy option as well, just try coming to office on time, do your work and leave timely. This way, you would prove your true efficiency, project a professional image and maintain a fine work-life balance. This may not look like an easy task for all the tardy souls reading this but you have to alter your lifestyle a bit so that your professional image attains some sense for good.

Ignoring Cleanliness Completely

This is a hard fact but digest it right away; people do judge you by your cleanliness and hygiene habits. If they see your cubicle or workstation dirty with packet of biscuits lying around, dust, and untidy drawers then you might end up framing a bad image. Moreover, when going out for lunch with your team if you do yuck bad things like not washing your hands or eating like a small baby with curry stains on your shirt, then you are at the losing end. You have to make an attempt at the first place and ensure proper hygiene and neatness around. You must clean your personal drawer once a week, get in touch with housekeeping department for dustbins, system and table cleaning and show the best of your table manners. In addition to this, you must also take care of yourself by dressing nattily, taming tresses properly, nails filed and smelling good all the times. Your persona is a combination of your behavior and your appearance (doesn’t mean color or race; just looking fine all the times is all I mean); so make sure you set the balance right.

‘Avoid-Bypass-Confuse’ Syndrome

This goes for all the people in power and at a higher position at work. It’s high time that you get over this behavioral pattern as soon as possible. A junior employee comes to you for an advice and you randomly ask him to touch base with someone else as you are stuck with something. Now this poor soul roams about cubicle to cubicle looking for an answer to his query. Finally, when he comes back to you empty handed, you then bypass his problems by ignoring him and ultimately growling at him for not being capable enough to tackle it on his own. Basically, you are playing with him and freaking him out. You ignored him and then confused him. Every second office has such creatures and this is a shout out to all you similar souls out there. Get over your supremacy and try to be as approachable as possible. It’s good that you are a boss sort of but there is no need to be a high-headed chap anyway. This is an awful habit you need shun right now!


There are many more workplace habits but these are some of the most prominent. There is no magic pill that you can pop and do away with these habits. Be strong enough to start working upon your shortcomings. Stay smart!


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