4 Ways You Can Ensure Safety and Best of Health at Your Workplace

safety workplace

Whether you own a business, work part-time or devote a whole day at work like a full-timer, you would still have a same goal and that is to work in a safe and a healthy workplace. You would never want to work in a hazardous environment and with people who share tumultuous professional relationships. Safety at workplace or Occupational Safety is a subjective concern and its true meaning may vary from person to person. However, in general, safety at workplace can be summarized through few pointers:

  • Safety and better health within an arduous work environment
  • In normal conditions, the workplace should safeguard health and promote safety
  • Gender concerns, such as sexual harassment
  • Insults, rebukes and lack of motivation

There is more to it but these pointers are considered while measuring the safety quotient of a workplace. Here are 5 surefire tips to ensure safety and best of health at work:

Tackling Strenuous Job Roles

This would include some of the most demanding job roles, such as operating boilers, working in oil & gas domain, fire & bomb squads and electric department that ask for working amidst high tension wiring systems, hydro-power systems and heavy equipment. There are instances wherein you might be asked to work late hours, in difficult situation and in uncomfortable weather. Such scenarios would require you to be aware of the safety policies rather than getting anxious. For instance, in Gulf countries, there are stringent policies that talks about safety at workplace and this relates mostly to oil companies and heavy drilling work. Same goes for other challenging job roles as well. Meet the Human Resources and talk about the policies, life insurances and what least you can do maintain a good health. Participate or organize awareness campaigns for the right way-outs possible.

Connect With Relevant Departments of Your Organization

An organization comprises different departments that function under a cordial structure and follow a definite chain of command. However, people still tend to underestimate the capabilities of few departments and thereby don’t connect with them when a certain gene of need arises. For instance, housekeeping department, security are some of the departments that play a passive yet strong role in determining a safe and a healthy work environment. Unclean cubicle, strangled wiring system, dust and pests are aspects that can wreak havoc on your health in office. Additionally, the security systems make sure that your belongings are kept safe in your absence. CCTV cameras connected all over a floor and guards at the main entry points to terminate any suspicious elements are some of the measures taken. Connect with these people as and when required and play your role in catapulting your workplace safety standards.

Be a Fearless Person in Action

Not just the fairer sex, even men are also at the radar of unscrupulous people these days. Incidents pertinent to sexual harassment, molestation and eve teasing are on the rise and more than half of the employees fall prey to it under various circumstances. Companies are pushing gender parity, equal opportunity and transparency in hierarchical communication, really hard. Still, people face fiercely painful instances at work. If you are a woman then stay informed that you make up more than 70% of the most capable employee force and also a major component that is actively driving the global economy. For men, it is all been said and detailed everywhere. You should be aware about the sexual harassment cell, authorities and counselors who take charge of such scenario and put forth best decisions on the table. Be fearless and have faith on the safety policies.

Don’t Allow Your Emotional Baggage to Burst Out Loud

Office environment can be devastating for some people and coping with the harshest blows in there can be really difficult. Some grieve about their bad bosses, some sulk in self pity and few others left fight the trap of a wrong job. Whatever the situation is; what holds importance is how you react to the adversities at your workplace. You must understand that taking the sorrows off your chest in office can be annoying for your boss and might produce friction within the team. Emotional outbursts heal better at home and not at work where being professional is all that is required. People tend to fall prey to drugs and alcohol as they find these as an easy option to relive stress. However, anxiety, tiredness, pressure and bad habits not just harm you but affect other people as well. You need to open up to your employer or health & safety representative about anything that might affect your ability to perform your work properly.


Be informed and assured that company policies are strict and involves no favoritism. Moreover, it all teaches you to behave and work safely even under tremendous work pressure. Stay smart and feel good



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