5 Underrated Vegetables That Are Actually Good For Your Overall Well-Being


You are a killer at workplace but as a woman you have to manage things back home too. In conjunction with being a perfect professional, you do have to be a great homemaker as well and being a smart cook is definitely a part of it. These days, digestive issues, sugar concerns and blood pressure have taken a toll on people’s health and it’s not just adults but kids too have fallen prey to these monsters. The reason is straight and simple and is well explained by the medical fraternity; junk food has grabbed the reigns and is driving our minds like really crazy and if someone just move the spotlight over the home-made food then would surely find fiber and a lot of other vitamins missing.

You have to be a smart cook and re-visit the platter that you are presenting on the dining table. Veggies have vitamins, minerals and a good number of other nutritional properties. However, you have the right choices with them as well, like there are some vegetables that are good at just one thing but there are some lesser-known ones that are replete with almost all good things but still cooked less. Here are 5 vegetables that you must buy right now and cook them more often for a happy body. Cook them with right spices and they might just taste better as well:

Note: 2 wonderful recipes for you from awesome Youtubers!


One word for this particular vegetable, “amazing”. Yielded from Morinaga tree, this is one of the most common yet an underutilized vegetable. Some of the countries where the vegetable is grown are India, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Malaysia, Jamaica and Cuba. Drumstick is loaded with medicinal properties that can have magical effects on your skin, hair and other vital organs. The veggie is a blood purifier, helps in digestion, helps people who face certain respiratory issues and an amazing natural medicine for pregnant women. If you have health concerns pertinent to bone structure, such as Arthritis, then Drumstick is a boon for you.

Drumstick & Gravy


Aubergine is technically a fruit but the world uses it as a tasty veggie option. Although it is native to South-East Asia, this vegetable is grown all over the world and has many varieties that include bulbous, glossy, deep purple zepplin-like types. You would be mesmerized to know that this simple looking vegetable is not only a potent antioxidant but also a protective barrier for brain and it’s intricate functions. Moreover, the veggie also balances the amount of iron in your body. Good news for diabetics, Aubergines are high in fiber and low in fat, thus, helps in maintaining the optimum blood sugar levels. Ladies, you now have enough reasons to make this wonder veggie, a part of your grocery list.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are easily available, delicious and inexpensive. All three attributes makes it a wonderful option for you to try out in your kitchen right away. There are number of health benefits associated with this vegetables and your skin is one organ that benefits from it in a great way. Sweet potato catalyzes the collagen production that ultimately enhances skin’s elasticity. Additionally, the veggie could be a major weapon to eradicate toxins from your body and thereby also chuck out any chance of Cancer. One most important feature of the vegetable is it’s richness in terms of vitamin B6 that can help in reducing the chemical homocysteine in your body.


Turnip is a vegetable that can be easily found in most of the countries and belongs to the parent cruciferous family. A popular staple in European diet, turnips is a wonder vegetable for all you health freaks out there and a magical natural product for obese people. The veggie is also known to lower high blood pressure and help maintaining a good vision ratio. Apart from this, this particular veggie aids in weight loss, proper digestion and fosters detoxification. Furthermore, few medicinal studies have proved that choosing vegetables from cruciferous family can help keep cancer of many forms at bay. Now this would definitely pull some hell lot attention. Right?!


Crunchy, yummy and low-fat, celery is one vegetable that is also eaten as a snack in parts of America and Europe. Belonging to the Apiaceae family, the crunchy stalks are enjoyed by one and all and you can also consume it as a low calorie snack. Celery is extremely beneficial for people who have blood pressure concerns and you can add it to their diet in the form of salad or a completely cooked veggie with soup or gravy. This vegetable is loaded with anti-oxidants, vitamins and necessary minerals and therefore it is beneficial for your body and mental heath as well. Owing to growing environmental concerns, Cancer and sugar issues are taking a toll on everyone’s health and Celery can be a good escape for you.

Recipe for Celery Soup 

Be smart and cook these veggies more often so that your family lives happy and feels amazing!


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