5 Exceptional Strategies to Withstand Slumps and Excel at Your Workplace


As a young and smart professional, you might have come across a good number of truisms and advice in your career till date. However, there is no surety whether these, “give your 100%”, “ignore the negativity”, would work for you or not. The corporate, in the recent times, seems comfortable with unconventional career strategies and these are more up your alley as well. The upcoming months are challenging and are expected to fetch your share of issues and set-backs. However, if you incorporate certain rules right in then who knows, the times ahead might usher in bundle of opportunities and moments of triumph as well.

Here are 5 exceptional strategies for you to catapult the picture of your professional tenure within your company.

Construct Your Own Path

Sometimes, life gives you what you need and not what you want. A necessary career move might give you a way to pay your bills but not the needed job satisfaction. A smart individual will always churn out something fruitful even during the days when it’s all dark and gloomy. Walking down a path, if you see an unsatisfactory destination or at your back, if you see a place that you would never want reiterate to, then the best antidote is to stray away from that very path. In practical situation, if you find yourself stuck up in an unsatisfactory job, you can either discuss with your manager for an enhanced job role in some other project or look out for an internal shift after a period permissible according to the company policy. In worst situation, look out for a new career gig. Build your own way!

Ignore Unhelpful Criticism

Remember, with great success comes sour comments. So, what are you going to do about it? The fact is straight and simple, you just cannot shut the mouth up nor live a life away from it. It is a sad fact that you have to navigate your way through nasty people at work: critics, competitors and horrible bosses. Hence, the feasible solution is to live with it but with a smile on your face. Yeah! it is difficult to do that but once you start initiating an inch of the strategy, you would be so much happy to see the results. It is as simple as yawning; you yawn while looking at someone and to this science hilariously states that the other person would yawn back too. Well, the action is contagious and so is your positive aura at work. Be smart and build up a defense system that keeps yapping creatures at bay.

Work Hard But Not Too Much

Working hard is in fact the only price that you pay to attain success in your career. You dream of making a big name in the industry and thus, you put in the best efforts. You are ready to burn both ends of the candle to achieve the heights and work really hard to come out fair and justified on all given success parameters. However, once you will reach your 50s and retire, you would regret over pushing yourself too hard in the initial phase. It is very important for you to relax, unwind, laugh, take breaks and maintain a work-life balance in your life. It is also very important to start saying NO to anything unnecessary so that you can escape tremendous work pressure in an effective way. Too much of work hampers productivity, mental health and as a result, your relations with peers go sour.

Dress Well, Show Up & Work Smartly

It is important that you get out of your bed, dress up and reach work on time. Moreover, it is also important for you to act smart in office and behave responsibly within your team. There would be problems but the outcome would depend upon how you make use of your wisdom to navigate through them. Your manager is usually strapped for time, so make sure that you connect with him in situation of concerns in an apt way. There can be a number of instances where you would require his assistance and thus, you really need to prioritize the problems before you reach out to him. Make sure you don’t nag your boss for something that is searchable on the internet or is too easy for a peer to handle. Respect your own time as well as your boss’s time and believe it this will reap good results. So, dress smart and act smart.

Hug Failures & Kiss Their Foreheads

Success and failures are inevitable and also your best buddies; they would never leave you alone. When times are not good, accept the adversities and learn from them. Be it poor performance appraisal ratings, bad boss’s behavior or a client project crash, in every situation, dig out an opportunity that can help you learn something better and positive. Additionally, you have to be fearless enough to get up and ask questions, bring your opinions on table and send across a clear message every time you discuss something with your bosses or peers. If you fail at something, it is natural to brood over it but it is foolish to live with it for long. Get over it and jot down ways to catalyze your career progress. Ask your manager if there is anything that concerns him or is there anything that you can do to make things better. This could be a good approach to manage failures at both work and in personal life.


As Richard Branson says that in order to excel at any point of your career, it is important that you don’t look back and regret. It is alright to work hard but to an extent where you don’t find yourself enunciating the life of a donkey.


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