4 Common Yet Devastating Dry Skin Conditions & How to Fix Them Effectively

dry skin

Out of all the skin conditions, dry skin is one that is probably a little more annoying and requires a lot of care and love. The lovely ladies with oily skin reading this out might not agree with the point but true that! Your acne is curable and will not freak out as much as dry skin conditions do. Despite of no sign of zits or pigmentation at the first place, women with dry skin conditions bear with annoying symptoms, such as itching, redness, cracks and dullness. Dry skin shows up their irritable signatures in different weather conditions and this will definitely slash out the myth that the aridity is a by-product of winters only. Women with dry skin also face problems while wearing make-up as it ends up looking flaky and cakey.

Even in summers, people shockingly suffer from an aggravated dry skin concern as air conditioners and lack of moisture beats it up. If not until now, then you must immediately get acquainted with few dry skin conditions that are common yet annoying if not taken care of.

Seborrheic Dermatitis

The dry skin condition is likely to hit you with many faces, such as Cradle Cap or Dandruff but the symptoms and aftermaths are all same. Seborrheic Dermatitis or seborrhea is one of the most common dry skin concerns and affects major parts of body and in some cases, even the scalp. Sometimes, the issue resolves on its own and is also likely to flare up again if you miss on taking care of your skin. This disease looks similar to eczema or psoriasis but medical fraternity has not been able to spot one definite reason behind the issue. However, the issue can still be linked to possibilities, such as genes, cold weather, certain medications or even stress. Seborrhea is likely to affect children and adults aged between 30-60 years.

The Fix: Moisturize! Yes, ladies, moisturize your whole body and oil your hair once a week so that your body is not deprived of the moisture. Wash your tresses with a creamy shampoo and keep your hair clean, no matter what. Further, if you are on certain medication, discuss with your doctor about such dry skin issue and get that sorted.



One of the most common yet hazardous skin conditions, Eczema is one concern that is expected to cause further problems if you dare to take it lightly. The skin becomes itchy and scaly and spreads on the entire body just like an infection. The area may appear flaky, grey and looks awful at the first sight. This disease is either linked to your medical history or to your present skincare routine that is probably lacking essential stuff. There are cases of genetic dry skin conditions or an asthmatic in family that usually affects the successors. A medical practitioner asks about any similar medical history and thereby prescribes the best fit medicines. Apart from this, lack of proper skin care regime is also one of the reasons supporting the concern.

The Fix: Drink a lot of water and moisturize your skin well with a good medicated lotion. Also, make sure you are taking a proper diet and your medications on time.


Occupational Dry Skin Aliments

Sounds weird right? But, get your facts straight as soon as possible. You are a fierce little lady at work who earns big and work like a champion but little do you know that your office environment is criminally wreaking havoc on your beautiful skin. The air conditioned surrounding, volatile temperatures and stress altogether takes a toll on your skin and still you never see it. Cold temperature dries up your skin and zaps all the moisture out leaving it dull and dead. Occupational skin ailment is also a result of too much of work stress and peer pressure that hampers your mental health. Wrinkles, under eye issues are some of the visible consequences.

The Fix: Carry a water bottle with you to office and sip on the liquid throughout the day. Also, use a hand cream all the times as air conditioning leaves your hand looking dull and flaky. You cannot avoid work stress but you can definitely lessen its effects by being happy and mingling with people well.


Corns and Calluses

This is a chronic dry skin concern that affects few people but does require a lot of attention and care. Briefing the two here; Corns develop on the tops and sides of the feet and is a small patch of thickened, dead skin with a core at the center whereas, Calluses develop on hands, feet, or on any body part that underwent repeated friction. You love high heels but be informed that they can also cause thickened dry skin condition. Further, the situation worsens if the shoes are ill-fitted. Mostly affecting the feet, the infection-like skin concern encourages Staph infections as well that ultimately cause Corns to develop pus and smelly fluid.

The Fix: Make sure you wear shoes but with socks on so that there is less friction between your feet and the leather sole. Also, refrain from wearing ill-fitting shoes or high heels too much. Wash your feet right before you retire to bed and moisturize them with a good lotion or foot cream.


A Cherry on the Cake

With proper care, you can have silky skin all year around with a feel like a baby’s butt.

Apart from these tips, here is a video from a popular Youtuber, who is here to offer valuable tips on how to deal with common dry skin issues and how to maintain it in the long run.


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