5 Brutally Honest Reasons Why Your Relationship With Your Boss Went Kaput


Out of all the relationships that you commit to in your ‘practical life’, boss-employee relationship is the most complicated and intricate one. The dynamics are volatile and ever-changing, wherein, if you have realized your one fault and you correct it, even then there is no guarantee that your boss would be happy with you. The office environment can be exhausting and under stress there is a possibility of you making mistakes, initiating an argument and what not. Your slip-ups could trouble your boss and you might not understand what really went wrong. You would ask people for guidance and all that you will receive would be, “calm down and don’t react”. Well, this might sound more than enough but it is important to know the underlying issues. Here are 5 brutally and practical real-life reasons why this relationship is still sour:

Your One Leave & Then Excess of Leaves

When you join a company, you get leaves that are applicable in different needed situations. However, unavoidable circumstances like illness, family issues compel you to take leaves in an unplanned way. Moreover, you might also come across people at work who take leaves for every second thing or on account of a non-critical situation. Whatever the situation is, your boss is never going to like this habit of yours and would ultimately stop trusting you. Too much of leaves and breaks from work can wreak havoc on your professional image and things can go overboard in your equation with your boss. Such instances are considered unprofessional and are also a potent reason behind the sour relationship with your boss.

The Blow of a Harsh Attitude

If you are confident and knowledgeable, your boss would love you to his core. So, realize whether you are being pampered at work or not? If you see the ball in your court and still you are left deprived of the well-deserved pat on your back then hang in there, there is an issue. For one moment, stop badmouthing your boss and check if your own conduct within the team. No boss would encourage an over-confident pompous fool in his team who derives pleasure out of suppressing others and fostering an unhealthy competition with peers. If you have been explained about this aspect by your boss in personal meet-ups then you really have to get over your harsh attitude. Try to be an approachable person so that people can look up to you and not down on you.

The Inability to See the Power of Team Work

Arguments and verbal feuds are some of the common sights at a workplace. However, it is up to you how you go about the entire situation. Team work is extremely important when it comes to accomplishing bigger projects and dig out results. Your boss would love you forever if you are spot-on with this idea and conjoin with your colleagues no matter what sort of vibes you get from them. There are chances of this love being flushed off completely if you choose to take things personally. Out of anger and tiff with a peer in mind, passing on rude remarks and humiliations are some of the bad acts you are unluckily bound to make. This affects team work and its positive spirits in a great way. Be assured, your boss would never like it.

The Complaints & Too Much of It

Try to act humane and think about your boss’s troubles at work too. There are a number of issues he too fights with and one of the nastiest is dealing with complaining people in his team. The “he-did-this-she-did-that” attitude in you can be devastating and can even hamper his mental health as well. The blame game is one dish that stays on the table all the times and you must mark it, your boss would hate you for disclaiming such frustrating habit of yours at work. Such conflicts have no solution as no one actually admits the fault and ultimately your boss carries the entire burden on his shoulders. Learn to take responsibilities, avoid initiating such issues and try becoming a support for your boss.

Not Adopting Proper Email Etiquette

Email etiquette is not just about writing the proper salutations and correctly worded mail body but there is a lot more to it. Missing on the regular Hi and Hellos is acceptable in many instances but situations involving unnecessary emails and updates are annoying and might frustrate your boss. In need to keep every conversation documented and appear professional, people do write emails that sound unnecessary and petite enough to get resolved over a call. You would be amazed to know that bosses hate too much of emailing as they ultimately see it as something next to spamming. Try connecting with people and build trust. Emails require smart moves and thus, play it safe.

Apart from being punctual and accomplishing your work to a T, it is also important for you to stay away from initiating any of the above concerns, as far as possible. Stay smart and be a champ at work.


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