Wish to Quit Smoking? 5 Very Simple Ways to Slowly Ice Out the Addiction

cigretteSo, finally you have decided to give up the habit and promised yourself to not look back at those packs of cigarettes again. That great! For all these years, you knew it in your heart that smoking was one of the worst choices of your life but somehow you found it real tough to quit the habit and break-free. You consult a doctor, ask people and do a lot of self-talk and try to find out a way to not just get over the addiction but also to overcome the feeling of not wanting it again in your life. Anxiously trying out every possible idea, you sadly fail at every step and at the end of day reach out to for a fag to combat the stress. That’s simply hilarious.

Here are 5 extremely simple ways to eliminate cigarettes from your lifestyle and block the road that pushes you to reiterate you to the same:

The Desire to Quit & Your Mindset

In order to quit a habit that survived in your system for long, you need to have a “look-ahead-and-fear-not” mindset and a complete positive outlook. The biggest factor that will help you to quit smoking is actually a strong desire to withdraw completely. It is that simple. Rationalizing the pros and cons of cigarette smoking is quiet easy and you can very well determine what’s good for you and what’s not. If you think that the short-lived pleasure that you derive out of smoking is nothing in front a healthy lifestyle that you always fantasize, then you got it. Start thinking positive and remember, if you are not smoking right now then you have already started walking the right way.

Support From Loved Ones

A strong mindset becomes invincible and extremely powerful when it is supported with love and affection. Similarly, your family and folks can be your support system during the transition and help you to not go back to the bizarre cravings. Quitting is not easy and you may turn extremely irritable at times but just like a mother soothes a crying baby, your loved ones too can relive you from the stress and ease off your withdrawal tantrums. Moreover, your body will experience a little set-back but you need to be strong mentally to support yourself physically. The people around you would be required to keep their anger at the backseat and not get affected by your mood swings, for good. You would then be able to realize the true power of love and see yourself getting away from the habit with utmost ease.

Try the Herbal Way Out

You must have heard about a number of popular supplements and medicines sold under different brands and drugstore name tags. These supplements, with the aid of their chemical compositions, give you the required nicotine shot minus the ill-effects of tobacco. However, the logic clearly indicates that nicotine is still a part of your bodily system in some or the other way and you are slowly becoming slave to it. This is sad. Why not opt for something natural? Herbs, such as Bitter Sticks, Skullcap and Slippery Elm are useful during smoking cessation. Another easy to access herb is Ginger, which coaxes your body to perspire more and thereby enable a faster toxin expulsion from your body. Try these out!

Lifestyle Overhaul

Just like you have decided to come to terms within yourself that you are ready to give up the awful habit, in the similar way, get set for a new lifestyle as well. There are several things that will demand change, such as eating habits, exercising and catapulting your time table for good. The first change you can incorporate is to limit the intake of caffeine; let’s say if you drink 4 cups a day then make it 3 and gradually 2. Caffeine encourages the desire to smoke therefore a little tweak here would help in the long run. Further, eat smartly. As you feel the urge to smoke, just grab an apple, chew an herb or drink a glass of lemonade. Finally, you can also incorporate a 30 minute workout routine. Exercising releases the good hormones called Endorphins that gives you an ultimate high.

A Tip: In an attempt to win over the urge, make sure that you are eating healthy. Also, don’t stop smoking all at once. Just limit the number of cigarettes and gradually depreciate it to zero.

Be in a Group & Stay Happy

The withdrawal symptoms are extremely painful and can affect your inner peace in a hell great way. Apart from getting the support from your loved ones, it is all the more essential to be in your social circle, on talking terms with people whom you adore the most and staying happy all the times. Being alone in the initial days of your endeavor can be devastating and can compel you to reach out to a cigarette. Therefore, it is important that you go out for a walk, meet new people, tell them about your difficult journey to attain a whole new life and encourage someone else who is in trap of the habit. Motivating others and enunciating your own success story can strengthen inner self and earn you a lot of spur as well.

It takes a while to overcome the addiction but at the end you would be proud of yourself. Remember, if you are on for some medicines or a detoxifying agent, make sure that you consult your doctor and get your body checked appropriately. Stay healthy and stay smart.


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