5 Reasons Why Your Boss is Not Awarding You With a Potential Opportunity at Work


Who doesn’t need a promotion or a challenging assignment or probably a new addition to his/her resume? Everybody does but only few manage to secure the best of opportunities at work. It is very hard to read your boss’s mind and gauge why you are kept at a one-hand distance from some of the best opportunities. However, there could be something wrong in your professional dealings or behavior altogether that might be failing you. Here are 5 reasons that are probably making the path arduous. Check if you relate to any of these and if not then try not attempting it at all:

Active in the “Gossip’ Squad

So you have a big group at work. It is alright to mix around with people but keep a tab on how much you are involving within the group. Gossiping, bitching around and badmouthing your seniors will not take you anywhere. Moreover, all such activities can be hazardous to your professional image and ruin it your boss’s mind as well. So, if you aren’t getting big gains at work, check if you are addressing any controversial topic or involving yourself in any sort of gossiping. Learn from it and gradually move out of the squad as soon as possible.

Half-Hearted Commitment

You can have your days of frustration at work and it is perfectly alright to get off of work for the day. However, if you are doing it every day or like half-assing the work then rest assured, you are not going to shot big guns ever. Letting your dislikes and frustration take over your mind can be the biggest workplace mistake. This not only zaps out your energy but brings down your level of enthusiasm as well. Your boss will never promote a negative guy in his/her team and its better not to be in his/her hit list either. Stay motivated and believe in yourself.

Bypassing Your Boss’s Word

It is not about whether your boss is an angel or a devil in disguise; it is barely about respecting his words. He might be a just another professional but keep in mind that when it comes to authority and power, he is notch higher in the organizational hierarchy. You can definitely put your voice on record, argue or put your concern across the table but you just cannot bypass your boss’s decision. It is completely wrong to avoid his words. You can simply suggest something good or compromise upon a common point. After all, nothing is personal here. If you accept the fact, then no one can ever stop you from reaching the top.

Squabble and Tiffs

No organization is perfect and not every colleague is pleasant to work with. However, you can surely avoid getting into squabble with every second irritating person on the floor. Sometimes, it is better to avoid an argument for the sake of your own professional image and peace in life. It is important for you to learn that strong words said in an subtle way can be effective than a dispute; i.e. listen to all but never forget to put across your point. Give suggestions and try creating room for improvement. With this, you are already in your boss’s favorite list. Be assured, you will be counted amongst the most efficient resources ever.

Over Thinking & Negativity in Work

When you face a damn bad time in your life, people find it easy to influence you in all possible negative ways. In simple words, your mind gets vulnerable and inflicted with bad thoughts immediately. This disturbs your inner peace and affects your productivity in all the given ways. Your mood and your brain join hands to react in the most galling way. Your aura turns all black and your boss catches it immediately as you fail to show anything for good. It is definitely not your fault but getting victimized is definitely your play. Avoid playing this game and secure all the best things at work for you.

Never lose heart as you shall rise amidst all pains. Be good and good things will come to you no matter what. Stay Smart!


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