4 Diet Mistakes That Adversely Affects Your Body & Fitness Levels


“You are what you eat”- Anonymous. These words make a lot of sense as your diet plays a vital role in determining the quality of life. The type of food you eat affects your body, your daily routine, and surprisingly your behavior pattern as well. The situation gets worse or better, depending upon how you are framing your diet chart. There are certain things, such as amount of oil in your diet, dairy product etc, that you keep a tab on but still fail to reach your ultimate fitness goal. Have you wondered why? Here are 4 simple things that are ignored by many of you:

Water Intake

Are you drinking enough water? Is your pee colorless? If your brain answers ‘No’ to both the questions then definitely you aren’t drinking enough water. Moreover, a substantial amount of the fluid helps in better absorption of nutrients and enables transportation of the same to various body organs. Try incorporating 6-7 glasses or at least 2 liters of water in your daily routine. At first, you might feel a little discomfort as you would rush to the washroom a number of times but with the passage of time the habit will grow in you.

Amount of Salt

A pinch of salt is everything and that very pinch adds a lot of flavor to the cooked food. However, you must keep a tab on the amount of this spice consumed on a daily basis as excess of it can cause a lot of harm. It’s not that you don’t know but sometimes, somehow, you tend to indulge on the baddies and salt is one of them. Exceeded consumption of salt bloats your body up, dehydrates your system, increase thirst for no reason and affects the normal blood pressure. Imagine yourself amid such problems; no diet would work here. Therefore, go slow on spices and especially on salt, if you really want to live a healthier life.

Too much of Juices(Natural & Packaged)

Juices are good for you but the main point to consider here is too much is not good. There are a couple of reasons but the main one is that juices lack the pulp or the fiber and this is where the catch is. Your body needs fiber to burn down calories and clean up your tummy. Too much of juice elevates the acidic levels in your body, damage bones and joints for the same reason. Moreover, packaged juices have hidden calorific value owing to its sugar content. In addition to this, juices and a lot of it on a regular basis can also reverse the effects of your ambitious clean diet program. Devour fruits and go easy on juices.

Overcooked & Burnt Foods

There are vegetables that shouldn’t be overcooked like lady fingers, cabbage and spinach or else they lose their goodness. Now is the time is to bring this in as a change. Moreover, burnt foods like overly barbequed corn dogs, sweet potatoes or similar stuff contain carcinogens, which cause cancer. Grilled food is a great option but make sure that you are not over-cooking or burning down your food. This kills its nutrients and harms your body as well. Boil and cook to a level where the food doesn’t lose its fiber and richness.

Your body is your responsibility and sometimes it’s the smaller things that affect you in a negative way. Keep a tab on these little things and live smarter.


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