3 Tough Situations at Work That You Need to Handle With Much Care & Brains


The dynamics at your workplace can get worse if certain things aren’t handled with care. You have to bear with the fact that office isn’t just a place to work or a source of living; might sound weird to you but that’s how it is. Your team, boss and peers form an integral part of your office life and therefore, it is important for you to maintain a very healthy connection with them. No matter how perfectly you handle your work-life; there are certain tough situations that will definitely cross your way:

A Boss Who Lies

Nothing can be worse than knowing that your boss is a fiendish mastermind who often tries to defraud you. There are bosses who are good at playing the workplace games like a pro and then there are some who are no more than scatterbrains escaping from their own said words. This is actually a tough situation because if you confront him, then it will be your detriment. The best possible way to deal with the scenario is to directly talk to your superior and explain your viewpoint. With this, there would not be any element of deceit in it. Another important thing you can do is to keep things documented; either on mails or on paper to avert any chances of mismatch. Trust yourself and take a stand wherever necessary.

Moody Colleagues

Moody colleagues are pain and their behavior is unpredictable. This can affect the positive people on the floor in a bad way. Sometimes, the lousy mood swings are so bad that it compels people to look out for a new gig. You expect others to be happy and content so that you keep on obtaining good vibes at work but to your bad, negative people are best at ruining almost everything. The survival tool is to go with the flow. Enjoy with the moody equals in their good times and avoid them when they are their “grumpy best”. Co-workers who throw sharpness of their attitude every second day are everywhere. You cannot ignore them but yes you can definitely survive with them tactfully. Do not interfere with an intention to change their mood as you can turn up to be a nosy busybody. Let them just smoothly roll of your back.

Workplace Drama

Workplace dramas are the worst as they lead to misconceptions and unnecessary anxieties. These instances not only create friction but also kill a lot of precious time that you would have otherwise spent on some important project or an inquisitive client. For instance, faulty leadership or bosses who are incapable of delivering specific and consistent feedback on non-performing team mates, trigger workplace drama. Moreover, this also creates chaos and people engage in nothing more or less than casuistry. If you ever find yourself in the middle of the high-voltage action, then try drifting away from it as soon as possible. If you are directly involved in the scene then the best antidote is to talk to the protagonists one-on-one else just stay away in worst cases. Remember, too much of discussion and involvement leads to misery.


These situations are fragile in nature just like glassware, so, it is better to handle them with care. Try keeping yourself away from the drama. As far as possible!


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