4 Globally Popular Vegetarian Indian Snacks That Can be Easily Made at Home

Indian food is one of the most extremely popular cuisines in the world. People belonging to different ethnicity and race have started showing keen interest in the sharp spices and flavors that Indian food has to offer.  You will be surprised to know that some of the scrumptious Indian snacks are doable and are made using simplest of ingredients. If you are a working woman or a bachelor living alone in an apartment or a wonderful housewife, no more of “what should I make in weekends?” or “What snacks can I go for the evening’s party?”

All you people out there; read on to know the easy ways to making the best of India:

Cottage Cheese Puffs(Pakoras)

Cottage cheese aka Paneer is a scrumptious by-product of milk and is the most delicious one too. Having the same texture as Tofu, you can find Paneer in your local supermarket or can even make it by adding lemon juice to milk and wait for it to curdle, over a medium flame.  In India, this one stuff is quite popular amongst cooks, home-makers and all the food junkies. Tasty and full of flavors, Puffs are easy to make at home, using simplest of spices. You can prepare the dish by using slices of bread and fill it up with seasoned cottage cheese. Also, you can either deep fry them in your favorite oil or bake it/air-fry it using air-fryers or traditional bakers. Indians usually eat these with tomato sauce or coriander chutney (salsa).


Hands down! This Indian snack is hugely popular all over the world. A Samosa is filled with seasoned boiled potatoes mixed with veggies like peas, carrots, coriander and various other chopped vegetables. Deep-fried till it turns brown & crisp, you can enjoy the traditional Indian treat once in a while as it might not gel up well with your diet chart. If you are not living in India, then you can rush to any restaurant serving Indian food and ask for Samosa and there you are! Owing to its popularity, many big food brands sell packaged Samosa these days and no wonder, this version is also gradually gaining the similar popularity levels. Serve it with tea or coffee!

Check out the recipe here:

Crispy Potato Pakoras

You cannot control yourself from trying the delicious Pakoras or potato fritters. It is just next to impossible and it turns even more irresistible if served with ketchup or some chutney made using cilantro or coriander. Crispy and deliciously brown looking, Potato Pakoras are one of the most popular Indian street food items, devoured with a hot cup of tea. You will have to add some spices, onion and wedged potatoes to a thick gram flour batter and add small chunks of it straight into the hot oil. Serve it hot to your guests and family.


It would be unfair to call Momo, an authentic Indian snack. Apart from Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan, this very snack shares Sikkim state and Darjeeling district of India as its best selling point on the world map. However, owing to its distinct texture and flavor, the food item is getting attention from all over the world. Momo looks similar to dumplings, PotStickers or Korean mandu; with dissimilarity lying in the filling within. Both boiled and fried, Momos are served with sharp & spicy chilli salsa sort of thing and sometimes with mayonnaise as well. You can make it easily by using cabbage, peas and carrots, mixed together as filling, being stuffed right into flat wheat cakes. Finally,close it from all sides shape it like a ball and boil it.

Here’s how to make delicious Momos:


You can check out many more exciting recipes here (amazing YouTubers):



Stay smart!


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