3 Types of Bosses That Are Too Hard to Cope With


You might have come across a number of bosses in your career, with each one of them giving you a different set of experiences. The experiences, when cherished at this very moment, will either put a smile on your face or free up a gush of anger. Keeping aside the best of the ‘boss-species’, there are superiors, who bully, promote the inefficient or talk rubbish. The latter lot is unbearable and often punches holes in your career and lowers the aspirations. However, to your surprise, such nasty bosses are still better. Yes, you heard it. Do not scratch your head and read on to know about three types of bosses who are big baddies of the corporate arena and even worse than your current blood sucking boss.

The Liars

There is nothing more disgusting than having a boss who manipulates every single word, conversations, feedback or in worst cases, his own words. Bosses, who lie, create friction and are a source of miseries for their own team and peers. Deceit can never take you to a paradise; it might give you a short-lived pleasure but in the end, a team, together, walks an arduous path. If you have a boss who speak rubbish and make use of his fiendish mind on the floor, then, you need to take certain measures, like keep everything documented, cross-check the facts you receive from your boss, albeit in a very private way. You may also keep in touch with your level two boss. A boss can be scatterbrained but beware of a notorious mind to avert instances of sadness. Take charge of your job from now on and do not let the hard nut aka your boss ruin your happiness.

The Gender-Biased

Life can be choking if you have a boss who encourages discrimination based on gender. Gender bias is a type of representing bigotry and with that said, it should not have place in business or at any workplace.  If you are a woman or a man, working in an environment, which is strongly influenced by the gender of your boss, then rest assured, it is going to be tough. There are female bosses who play it hard with their male juniors. You cannot blame her as she had survived the worst forms of male chauvinist pigs. Then on the other hand, you might come across few male bosses who are rough with the fair sex. Such situations are unpleasant, as you do not know the trick to come out of it. The only thing you can do is, focus on your work, and remain neutral in sensitive concerns. In worst cases, you can also file corporate lawsuits and report partial behavior.

The ‘James Bond(s)’

You should not be relating the natty demeanor of James Bond with this particular type of boss. The main point of focus is the behavior pattern irritates all on the floor or at work and this is what the point of trouble is. If you have a boss who literally, spies on you by using different communication modes hilariously, then be assured, you have a Bond 007 on your head. They ask people to send them emails with all details, incoming times of team members and similar stuff, which is nothing but a cause of miseries. Moreover, such bosses, use spy cameras and if you see similar scenario then only GOD can save you. Joke Out.The sign of a good boss lies in the fact that he trusts all (period). Such overly inquisitive bosses are firstly, spread nothing more or less than negativity, and secondly, represent a very bad form of a ‘micro-manager’. Just do your work and leave the floor and that’s it.


The best remedy or weapon to fight such bosses is to concentrate on your own work. Stray away from encouraging the stupidity and stay smart!


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