4 Underrated Skincare Products That Are Actually Perfect for Extremely Dry Skin


Market, these days, is flooded with a number of skincare products; both fancy and Plain Jane. However, there are few who actually live up to their name. You need to understand whether splurging on certain products is worthy of time or not. Dry skin is a darn big trouble and not all products pass all the criteria like a champion. You would be surprised to know that there are certain products in here that are not much hyped or costlier but still sit notch higher in terms of effectiveness and good will. As for the usage and results, nothing comes close in way of performance and price. It is time to look beyond Cetaphil, Lush for a while. Read on to win over your curiosity and check 4 simplest of products out:

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

You might find the jelly extremely helpful in softening your feet or curing chapped lips. You will also find who think that the product isn’t of any use. However, you will be surprised to know that petroleum jelly is a wonder skin drug and has many less known angles to it. You can use Vaseline jelly to treat cold sores and minor wounds, such as cuts or a bruise. You will be happy to see the overnight effect and you may definitely want to revisit the fallen trust issues with the product. Apart from this, you can even apply petroleum jelly on your hair ends to calm down visible split ends and add sheen to them. Additionally, the jelly can be an effective under-eye treatment and eyebrow setter as well. One of the oldest skincare products, Vaseline petroleum jelly could be your Holy Grail product (HG) this winter.


This amazing moisturizing cream may not catch your fancies like beautifully packaged The Body Shop or Lush London but it is as effective as any other product on the beauty aisle. Available in a hygienic pump bottle, VANICREAM is mild yet a full-fledged treatment for eczema, sensitive skin issue and extreme dryness encountered during winters. If you are running out of your intense moisturizing cream and you have a bottle of this on your shelf then you can totally relay on it for a deep skin treatment. Another best aspect about VANICREAM is that dermatologists love it and keep recommending it to their patients suffering from dry skin issues or people who are on certain medications like Isotretinoin or Accutane.

Mustard Oil Treatment

When it comes to considering products in winters, mustard oil tends to lose the game, at the first place. The magic oil has an absolute low profile in the skincare arena, sad but true. You will find few talking about the benefits and goodness of this naturally gifted oil. Well, ask your grandmother or your mother, chances are, they would not stop praising it. In the ancient era, the oil was a major part of bathing routine, face cleansing ritual and what not. Further, the vitamins and supplements packed in the oil makes it something out of the ordinary. You can massage your body, daily, with mustard oil before a bath and attain silky soft skin in no time. Lubricate the inner part of your navel at night and find chapped lips turn pink, the next day. Moreover, you can also use Mustard oil as part of aromatherapy and earn skin related benefits.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera Gel is popular, no doubt about it, but when it comes to the degree of usage, this wonderful product loses at some point. You will find Aloe, as an ingredient, in different products, albeit in small quantity; therefore, time its abilities are not put to the best of use. You must grow a plant in your kitchen garden or you can also buy organic aloe gel from your local supermarket. As for the usage, you can apply the gel on your face, hands, and legs and leave it overnight. Moreover, you can add the goodness of the gel to your scalp and hair shafts for combating the mar of winters. Aloe Vera Gel is good but less hyped in terms of popularity (Well, there are some YouTube and practitioners, who are encouraging its usage, all over the internet and at clinics), so, you should try it.

Winters can be harsh if you keep yourself away from taking a good care of your skin and body. The mentioned products carry a very low yet subtle air with them but are worthy in terms the of usage. Stay smart!


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