5 Reasons Why Going Vegan Can be a Good Idea This New Year



Making a lifestyle haul can be a daunting task and the transition may require you to compromise on so many things.It is often difficult to leave the things that you love, especially the things your taste buds love. If you break the elephant into parts then the idea may appear beautiful and easy to get used to as well.
Going vegan is one big step towards improving the environmental conditions and lobbying together to make the planet, a better place to live in.

This would require you to give up on animal products, dairy, meat, and anything that is a derivative received from an animal. Sounds difficult it? To be honest, it is but what if there are enough positive reasons to turn your face and interest towards veganism. Here are 5 reasons, why going vegan can be fruitful for you:
Better Ecosystem

Scientists and economists who are monitoring the meat industry and watching over the output have stated that breeding animals using certain ways, is wreaking havoc on the ecosystem. Even the United Nations is taking steps to curb the foreseen devastation. Moreover, according to a survey published in GlobalMeatnews.com, people are concerned about animal diseases, such as PEDv, African swine fever and avian influenza, to name a few. The horrible diseases germinate from dirty and unplanned ways of breeding animals. Apart from this, as the appetite for meat product is increasing, which has led to overstocking of fragile lands, massive soil erosion, and desertification.
Healthy Skin

As mentioned above, animal breeding involves injecting animals with growth hormones for better yields. The hormones enter our system when we intake animal derivatives, such as meat, milk, or cheese. This causes an uncalled disruption in the normal human hormone secretion. As a result, women face skin issues, such as acne, rashes, cystic pimples, and signs of premature ageing. It is because of all these reasons, going the Vegan or Vegetarian way can help your body reap maximum benefits out of natural vitamins, anti-oxidants and omega-3s. Addition to this, growing fruits and vegetables in your own farm, will make sure that the intake is free of any pesticides or harmful chemicals.

Healthy Heart & Arteries

A healthy vegan diet is replete with magnesium and iron while also being low in cholesterol and saturated fats. Apart from fish, no other meat product will ever be able to provide a rich bundle of vitamins and minerals. Owing to a lower consumption of saturated fats, your heart and arteries will stay strong and healthy. Various detailed studies have proven that vegans and vegetarians seem to have a lower risk of obesity, coronary heart disease, and blockage in the arteries. You must include nuts and whole grains, and try eliminating dairy products and meat. This will improve your cardiovascular health in a great way.

Abnormal Meat-Inducing Diseases

The world is experiencing sudden occurrence of a pandemic at any point of time and in any part of the world. E.coli, Salmonella food poisoning, and Mad Cow Disease are some of the horrible maladies that can invade the immune system and normal functioning of the body. One of the commonest ways via which these diseases enter our body is through contact with raw eggs or raw chicken meat from chickens infected with salmonella. Moreover, children or elderly people are susceptible to the mentioned diseases owing to a compromised immune system. Going vegan will eradicate the situation and assure a healthy body, altogether.

Prevention Against Cancer

According to data submitted by the World Health Organization, you can prevent one-third of all cancers from becoming a part of your bodily system. One of the biggest factors involved here is a control diet. Vegans consume considerably more legumes, fruits, and vegetables than non-vegans do. This clearly proves that vegans or vegetarians are likely to reap benefits from a 15% lower risk of developing or dying from cancer. The good news is that avoiding certain animal products lowers the risk of prostate, breast and colon cancers. The basic reason behind this is that vegan food items are devoid of smoked meats and meats cooked at high temperatures, which promotes certain types of cancers.

People consider vegans as fringe eaters with an aberrant passion for animal rights. You may find many vegans feeling passionately about animals and protesting against slaughterhouses. The time has now come for others or many of you who think veganism as a stupid concept to see through the boundaries. Going completely vegan is much more than leaving meat and dairy.


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