5 Super Foods for an Excellent Health Transformation

Nature has tons of super foods that add color, nutrients, and a magical taste to your staple food. You must have heard this a million times: eat a wide variety of whole foods to make the diet complete and scrumptious. However, our daily lives keep us on our toes all the times and this is why eating all the good stuff on a daily basis is tough. Curtain Raises Enter Super Foods. These foods are rich in vitamins, minerals and other powerful nutrients needed to get you going. You can include these power puff goodies as snacks, blend them in smoothies, or just add to your salads.

So, here are 5 top naturally occurring Super Foods:




Popeye was definitely into something serious, for sure. Spinach with its luscious green color and frail sweet taste is a favorite health food of all. This green stuff is a rich source of vitamin B12, vitamin C, niacin, riboflavin, and potassium. A cup of cooked spinach can offer you up to 10-12% of the recommended daily dose of calcium and a perfect amount of vitamin K to assure no bone loss in future. Not to forget, beauty experts suggest including spinach in daily diet, either in smoothies, salads or as a side dish. With that, Spinach is an unbe-leaf-ably grand gift to the human race.

Goji Berries



Native to Tibet and Inner Mongolia, Traditional Chinese medicine considers Goji Berries as a naturally occurring wonder drug. Add Goji berries to your smoothies, cereals, yoghurt or simply eat as a dried fruit item. The wide array of benefits includes ability to treat diabetes, hypertension, kill infectious diseases, and cure common illnesses like the cold or a fever. This super food has the ability to power puff your meal with loads of antioxidants. You can order dried Goji Berries online and can include in your dry fruit platter for that extra kick.




Have some fermented milk. Sounds strange or what? Well, Russia gave the world a wonder drink that is a medicine for your body. Kefir tastes similar to yogurt but is a little sour as the recipe calls for high quality raw fermented milk. With people making a lifestyle haul and are conscious about what they ingest, Kefir has managed to grab quite a good number of eyeballs. Raw organic milk is best for making kefir at home. You can make your own Kefir using kefir grains or buy it from your local health or grocery stores.

Dried Seeds



Well, these are not seeds that you sow in your garden or farm but are actually dried seeds found inside fruits and vegetables. One such derivative is Pumpkin seeds, which is popular amongst healthy food eaters. A good source of potassium, calcium, and protein, Pumpkin seeds is also a rich source of essential fatty acids, EFA, omega-3 and omega-6. Moving on to another fantastic option in the genre, here are Chia seeds. These seeds are high in fiber and loads of other nutrients. Grab your hands on some wonderful variety of seeds now.

Mung Beans



Mung Beans are one of the most easily available super foods here. A cup of Mung beans, summing up to 212 calories, can provide you with protein (14.2g) and fiber. You can find the beans in grocery shops or in local vegetable markets at a good price. Moreover, you can also find some brands of noodles and pastas with base as Mung Beans. This could be a healthier way of consuming this nutrient dense food item.


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