3 Greens That Can be Cooked Scrumptious Without Oil

‘Greens’ are life. Eating green leafy vegetables on a daily basis is surely an admirable goal one can strive to achieve. However, the road to success is unarguably arduous. The best way to eat some of the best green leafy stuff is to cook them on a medium flame, in a little oil, for few minutes until their fibrous stems turn tender. What if you avoid oil completely and manage to restore all the goodness? Well yes, you can surely shun oil usage while cooking the greens and can devour them. How and what greens you can cook this way? Read on.


The ‘Goddess of Greens’, Kale is a delicious looking vegetable with a vibrant green- colored curled leaves and an inch long edible stem. Predominantly, Kale is stir fried with other red veggies like beets and some meat or you can fry it in some olive oil and top it up with some spice and seasonings. You would be surprised to know that Kale tastes even better when cooked the healthier way, ie, eliminate oil from the recipe.

How to Cook Oil Free:

Boil some Kale in water or bone broth (for meat eaters or PALEO followers) and let it sit on flame for few minutes. Eat it as a side dish with some buckwheat or stir fried semolina.

Another way to eat Kale oil-free is to stir fry them in vegetable broth and add them to salads or eat them as it is. What a wonderful way to consume vitamins and magnesium!


Spinach is tasty and it tastes amazing when cooked with some fat and cottage cheese but then cooking takes a lot of time here. Green stuff should be cooked for as short duration as possible so that the nutrients remain intact. This might surprise you but Spinach tastes amazing when cooked without oil. Wondering, how is that possible?

How to Cook Oil Free:

Spinach is perfect as an addition to a salad recipe, but some people suffer flatulence because of the Oxalic Acid in it. Moreover, you can also boil cook spinach and add a little turmeric to it.


Purslanea a.k.a Pigweed holds a wide array of medicinal benefits and used in many traditional medicine preparations. This green is anti-bacterial, anti-scorbutic (prevents or cures scurvy), depurative (purifying; purgative), febrifuge (reduces fever) and diuretic. You can cook Pigweed in a little oil with turmeric and salt to taste. However, you would be surprised to know that it is delish without oil as well.

How to Cook Oil Free:

You can roast the leaves or sauté it with other strong flavored leaves. Pigweed possesses a natural tangy taste and it will stand out if you choose to keep it simple. Here’s a simple recipe to cook it oil-free.

Greens are amazing and you can reap maximum benefits if you choose to skip oil and spices once in a while. Be a smart cook and believe it, you don’t have to be a Gordon Ramsay to do it.


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