5 Lifestyle Changes You Must Enforce When on an Acne Medication

“Acne medications will simplify my life”, is your brain saying this right now? If the answer is yes, then you probably need a shift in your mind set. Acne medications, such as Isotretinoin, Clindamycin, and Doxycycline provide great results, albeit for short-term. However, Isotretinoin, as per medical science, offers long-term results in comparison to rest of the salts. Whatever the case may be, medications will eventually leave your system within a stipulated period. In such scenario, lifestyle changes come to your rescue. To be or not to be depends upon you. Read on to know the changes you need to enforce now:


Hydration is the key. We eat different foods and intake several salts via fruits and packaged meal throughout the day. Everything that you eat releases some amount of toxic elements that flushes out via kidney systems. In order to sabotage the buildup, you must consume loads of water, organic juices, and citrus fruits. Acne medication will clear up your skin but this change will help in maintaining a flawless look and a dewy complexion forever. Fluids make sure that your body stays moisturized, the natural way.


Probiotics heal leaky gut issues and break down bad bacteria population in the intestine. Medications help with active lesions and prevent bacterial inflammation. In the struggle, the colony inhibited by the good bacteria falls prey to it. If you choose to consume Probiotics then issues like Candida, digestive disorders, skin issues, and autoimmune concerns will disappear on their own. As soon as you complete the dosage, you will not have to worry further. Probiotics will feed the good bacteria and chances are you will not have to go back to your dermatologist again.

Salad & Healthy Side Dishes

You should start including a colorful salad platter and some form of healthy side dish. If you want to have an idea of what healthy side dish is, look at Korean or Italian cuisine. Kimchi, Seaweed salad, salad platters full of tomatoes, olives and lettuce are some of the options you would be delighted to see. Healthy addition to your daily meals will help in any vitamin or mineral deficiency and will make sure that your digestion stays strong. In conjunction with acne medications, you can eat good food as well.

Low Impact Exercises

You need to move that body and not completely rely on some form of serious chemically formulated drug. Medications for acne control oil and treat the disease but if you are interested in getting something bigger out of it then try exercising. Low impact exercises will not only burn calories, increase blood circulation but will also put less pressure on joints. Some of the best, low impact exercises are Yoga, Walking, Slow running, and mild free hand exercises. Increased blood circulation will bring glow to your face and heal acne.

Basic Skincare

Your daily skincare routine should be simple and must not involve too many products. Your skin needs simple regimen and harshness can affect its pH balance. Your doctor will prescribe you basic skincare products along with the medicines, so, the catch is to continue the same regimen forever. Your skin will love the simplicity and will not freak out in future as well. There are some skincare brands that dermatologists love, such as Cetaphil, Neutrogena, Aveeno and CeraVe. In addition to this, you can also opt for natural stuff like raw milk for cleansing, aloe vera gel and coconut water.

Never rely on medicines as they mask the disease with short-term benefits. The aim should be to see advance results and that will only come if you plan to make a lifestyle haul. Be smart and bring in the change.


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