The Fruit Life: 3 Sweet Bounties For Optimum Digestion

Diet plays a pivotal role in determining overall well-being and predominantly your digestive health. Imagine yourself in the toilet and not being able to pass the poop, how does it feel? It surely feels rough and frustrating. Your ability to respond to the nature’s call should be perfect and hassle-free. Drinking loads of water, including laxatives in diet and exercise are some of the lifestyle changes you can consider, for sure. Is there something else you are missing? Well yes, Fruits. Citrus or non-citrus, these naturally sweet foods are nutrient-dense and improve the condition of your digestive system. Does this create enough inquisitiveness? Read on to know more:


The medical world and fitness enthusiasts swear by the goodness of the wonder fruit, Papaya. Even though the fruit is native to Mexico and Central America, still Papayas are cultivated in almost every tropical area of the world. What makes it brilliant is the special enzyme called Papain, which is a powerful digestive aid. Eating Papayas before or along with a meal can help in proper digestion, blood purification and reduce inflammation in the body. Rich in flavonoids and minerals, Papayas should be a part of your daily diet, also if possible try buying over-the-counter Papain rich gums, and chew them all day.

Note: Purchase the gums after consulting with your local physician to avoid chances of reaction.


Bananas are body builders’ favorite fruit and people around the globe cannot stop praising the fruit for its texture, taste, and benefits. The special fiber Pectin present in Bananas aids in healing stomach ulcers and provides an optimal dosage of prebiotics (food for probiotics). One major thing that you should take note of is that Bananas are high in natural sugars that can negatively affect people with insulin resistance. Thus, Bananas are good for many but not all. According to a recent study, if your diet is high in fiber then your body will develop resistance against heart disease, cardiac arrest, and stroke, on its own.


One of the best snacks, Pineapple can very well satisfy your sweet tooth and help body break down and digest foods without any issues. The fruit contains Bromelain, an enzyme that effectively breaks down Proteins. In addition to this, Bromelain has an an anti-inflammatory effect on the body and thus helps in treating ulcerative colitis, a chronic bowel condition. The nutrient-dense tropical fruit possess phytonutrients that makes it as effective as any medicines prescribed for some of the most common illnesses and conditions you see today.


Fruits are the way of life and that is why they are so beneficial for your bodies. Easily available but great taste.


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