‘Fat Series’: 4 Reasons Why Eating Excessive Fats isn’t Fixing Your Scrawny Build

Looking into the mirror is not always a nice experience for you, as your lanky appearance never lets you feel beautiful. Despite of having great facial features and a lustrous color tone, you do not feel good about yourself because you do not have a body to match with the standards. Gym, lifting weights and eating bananas are some of the alternatives that you must be trying right now to gain some weight but all in vain. In disgust, you find eating huge portions of fats as the only resort in your kitty. However, this too does not make much of a difference. Surprised? Yes, it is obvious because normally fats aids in weight gain. So, what is making the venture burst into nothing? Read on to explore.


It is in your blood. Yes, you heard it right, your ancestral thing is not letting you gain mass at the right places. You are eating calorie-dense foods, rich fruits and even adding fats in your diet, but the efforts are going nowhere. It is the opportune time to look back at your family photos and see if your grandparents, parents, or ancestors were skinny or hefty. If thinness runs in your family, then it is obvious why you are scrawny. However, you might gain weight in future owing to some sort of lifestyle haul or notable hormonal changes, for example Pregnancy.


Your metabolism is a consequence of many things, such as gender (Guys have a higher metabolic rate), hormones, sleep, and exercise. In addition to all these factors, intake of a stimulant, such as caffeine and nicotine can also affect metabolic rate. Skinny of thin people are naturally more active than fat people are, so most probably you are oblivious of the extra calorie burning. In a rare scenario, your petite persona can also be a result of a small appetite. To be factual on this front, it is not only about what you eat but how much you eat and at what rate it expends as well.

Eating Disorder

Some of you might get offended with this topic, but there is no need to be. It is important to aware.

Have you ever heard about Bulimia? It is a type of eating disorder, wherein, a person eats huge amounts of food and then forcefully throws up everything. In other scenario, people with Bulimia use laxatives to flush out all the food at once. This is due to an induced fear of gaining weight. Another dreaded disorder is Anorexia nervosa, which hits teenage girls and boys. They fear weight gain and this is why do not feel the urge to eat food. The obsession is so gripping that individuals do everything in extreme; exercise, dieting or even purging. This is more of an emotional disorder. Do you relate to any of the mentioned situations? If yes, then you probably need experts’ help. Go see a psychologist or a medical practitioner.

“Stress & Skinny”

Stress, surprisingly is a sign that body is preparing for the Fight or Flight scenario. However, excess of it ruins your body and makes you look either skinny or abruptly fat. Chronic stress eats away your muscle and almost exterminates the desire to eat. Majority of people report of an eating disorder, albeit short-lived, which cause them to gain weight. If you suffer from appetite loss and a fallen urge to eat even if you get periodic hunger pangs throughout the day, chances are you will stay lanky forever. Book an appointment with a nutritionist now and get your diet checked.


You eat so much but still stay slim, rather skinny. The feeling of being light is not pleasant in your case; therefore, check your symptoms and show up to the right medical person immediately. In addition, a lifestyle change can also work wonders. Stay smart and stay fit.


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